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John Cena on Backstage Resentment Towards The Rock

ESPN asked John Cena if their is backstage resentment with The Rock working a part-time schedule and being WWE Champion

“No, because that was my whole base of resentment last year. I really thought he was coming back for maybe a yearlong campaign to remind people, ‘Hey guys, I have some new movies coming out,’ and he wanted to let the WWE fan base know that he was still around. But he came back, he stayed back, and he’s competing. Even if he’s not on every Monday Night Raw, you have to understand, this guy is the most driven individual I know. The fact that he can do what he can do and still compete in the ring — go film a commercial, go film five movies, go film a TV show and then come back and not leave WWE on the back burner, but still be the champion — it’s admirable. He’s doing more for WWE by trying to do both those things at once and being on Raw some of the time, than focusing on WWE and being there 100 percent of the time. Just like I have my critics, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has critics, and I was one of the biggest ‘Hey man, you’re never here’ guys around, but not anymore. He’s completely committed to WWE.”

Cena also discussed why he won’t turn heel, if he’ll bring the spinner belt back, the most memorable WrestleMania match of all time and more.

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  • Chelsii

    You disgusting liar, Jonathan Anthony Felix Cena.

    • Nintendawg

      He’s not a liar. He speaks the truth about The Great One. Stop being butt hurt because Rock is part time and because Rock beat your hero CM Chump

      • YM5

        you’re an idiot

      • Rob

        How many fake accounts did it take you to get 8 upvotes?

        • Nintendawg

          Your comment confirms that you’re a kid Bob. You care about upvotes and downvotes. I don’t care about these things.

          • Anonymous Raw GM

            He must be thinking that the whole world must be liking him because he gets more upvotes than downvotes.. immaturity right there lol

    • zip

      He’s a good ass kisser.

  • Kayfabe fan

    ” if their is ”

    Oh steve ….

  • SdotC

    That was the biggest crock of sht Cena has ever said. Even bigger than all the “I’d never leave you guys to be an actor, this was always my dream, I work so hard, I don’t care if you boo me”, etc. This takes the cake. Yes, John, The Rock is completely committed to WWE. Absolutely.

  • Randy Jones

    Both of these guys will get booed out the building.

  • Holler

    This made me realize that Rock has a packed ass schedule, does the man ever sleep???

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