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John Cena at SmackDown This Week?, Ryback on Negative HIAC Feedback

– Ryback commented on the negative feedback that the Hell in the Cell pay-per-view has received, writing on Twitter, “Hey here is an idea. How about you guys find 3 things u enjoyed about HIAC and be happy. Being miserable sucks I get it ur fat, but just try”

– John Cena announced on that he will be on hand for Tuesday’s WWE tapings, writing on Twitter, “Orlando 2nite for #RAW then @WWEUniverse @WWE tomorrow nite on to Tampa for #Smackdown #TampaTuesday #WRS #evenstronger”

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  • Devon

    Cena will bring back prestige to a title that hasn’t had prestige for years. Cena is one of the best ever. Cena is the man. Cena is the champ and the champ is fuckin here

    • Chrystian D. Parks

      Can’t tell if you’re serious or trolling?

      • Devon

        The first line is true. I dont hate Cena but he is one of the biggest stars in WWE history. And he will make the world title important

        • Chrystian D. Parks

          Ok, I can unfortnately agree there he is one their biggest stars, but prestige no, not by a long shot. Especially, if he’s really gonna bring back the spinner belt like previously before, that makes a mockery of the former title in it self right there, without even adding the obviousness regular Cena hatred.

          • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

            The World Title will go from opening the show to closing the show because Cena is wearing it. That is how he brings it prestige. A PPV has not been main-evented by a WHC match since Feb of 2012. An all-time record since the belt debuted in 2002. With Cena as Champ, that trend will surely end soon.

  • tt2000

    Yeah Ryback you’re so right. Continue being mediocre and bash the fans opinions. Maybe that’s the reason why nobody likes you.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    In other words, Ryback is going to continue to give us sh*t, and he figures if he has a bad enough attitude off camera, we will eventually be bullied (in real life) into ignoring that fact that he SUCKS and will stop complaining that our money and attention are being wasted and the sport we love is being destroyed. Sorry, Ryback, but we actually LIKE wrestling, which is why we DON’T like you. F*ck off and retire, you worthless slab of steroid meat.

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