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John Cena Return Promos, Backstage News on Xavier Woods

– Here are the John Cena return vignettes from last night’s RAW:

– WWE mentioning NXT star Xavier Woods in the Big Show storyline is because they’re looking to bring him to the main roster soon. He’s been recovering from a minor injury but WWE officials have been high on him for a while now. Woods tweeted after Michael Cole mentioned his Twitter petition to bring back Big Show on last night’s RAW:

“Professor Xavier is a smart man & @MichaelCole knows that. Let’s #BringBigShowBack Sign up!!!”

Before RAW, WWE had the petition linked on their website but after Cole mentioned it, the article was removed with the idea that Triple H had banned the petition from No word yet on when they plan on bringing Xavier to the main roster.

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  • Hawkins

    lol ITS MORPHIN TIME!!!!

  • Trey Doss

    oh hell yeah consequences i mean xavier woods vs kofi book it

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m surprised – okay, REALLY surprised – at this news. I thought Woods had literally everything working against him in terms of becoming a WWE main roster guy – let alone getting a shout-out on RAW while still being down in developmental. He’s only 5’9″ (although obscenely cut), was a former TNA guy… I’ll be interested to see how Woods is used, if indeed WWE chooses to use him. Sometimes WWE being ‘high’ on a guy actually means “hey, this guy wrestles really well – let’s make him a highly visible enhancement talent!”

    • Tyler Drummond

      They have liked him for a while. I think the main reason he has been in developmental for so long is because he has been working on PHD, but I think he is close to finishing it. This would make him the first ever WWE Superstar with a PHD and him referring to himself on Twitter as Professor Xavier Woods could be a part of his gimmick. Now this is all my theory (the PHD part is true) he could have been in developmental for a totally different reason, but this makes the most sense to me. He’s super charismatic and talented so I hope he gets the proper chance to shine!

  • sonik

    JBL was so hilarious while talking about Xavier Woods (“I don’t know the guy”). Meanwhile he is a General Manager on NXT so he should know all the people there. Also few weeks ago on JBL&Cole Show on YT he had a segment with Woods where he praised him so he certainly knows the guy. WWE logic strikes once again…

  • Aaron

    I believe WWE is more interested in grooming Xavier Woods for a position as an executive in WWE, in the future.

  • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

    The WWE should have put Xavier Woods on the main roster.

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