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John Cena Returning To WWE TV Earlier Than Expected?

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Bryan Alvarez mentioned during Tuesday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live that WWE plans to have John Cena return at the December 13th TLC pay-per-view. Cena was originally scheduled to return at the December 26th WWE live event from Madison Square Garden.

The reason for this is because TLC takes place in Boston, which is near his hometown in Massachusetts. The idea is for Cena to return in a U.S Open Challenge against Alberto Del Rio at the TLC PPV so he will get a big reaction.

Keep in mind that plans change all the time in WWE, but this is currently what WWE has planned for Cena.


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  • Fat Owens Fat

    He’s going to be back on the same week as the new Star Wars? So I guess there will be a Star Wars music in his theme too?


      The “champ” buries it should read lmfao


      One day slater will finally bury cena

      • Someguy


  • Thomas Øksne Elverhøi

    oh no

  • Edynol

    Geeze. They’re in Boston like every three months. Yeah he’s from Mass., but people there don’t really care that he’s from there like other towns do for their homeboys. I have family in Boston and some of them are WWE fans and hate being labelled as Cena’s hometown when he isn’t even from there. It’s like 50 miles out, give or take.

    Let the guy have his time off. Nobody is going to suffer from not seeing him for a while.

    • jcice13

      not a very good example because the jets and giants play in new jersey yet are called new york, when it’s within an hour drive of the major city it’s always been a suburb of it and associated with said city..just the way it’s been since the late 50’s or so…

      but you’re correct when you said they should give him the time off, he’s worked his ass off for this company a long time and if he only did his ring activities that would be enough but the guy is always got some charity or is being an ambassador for the company and really, is 3 months all that long? doesn’t seem all that long ago we saw summerslam..

  • The Shockmaster


  • Mike

    That’s great news. That’s plenty of time away, and he’s returning near his home town, he always gets a good reaction there, sure some people boo too, but that’s part of it.

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