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John Cena Vows to Return By WrestleMania 30

WWE has published an article containing quotes from John Cena following his elbow surgery, were he comments on what the next half-year holds for him.

“I plan on using the next couple months to rehab and get healthy as I can, as quickly as I can,” said Cena. “My goal is to return to WWE healthy and strong, and since my expected time away is only six months, this shouldn’t affect WrestleMania.”

John Cena offered words of encouragement for the fans he temporarily leaves behind.

“WWE has never been and never will be dependent on one man, with the exception of Mr. McMahon,” Cena said. “In the coming weeks, WWE will be filled with exciting programming as always, and I’ll have the best seat in the house! Let’s see who captivates the WWE Universe.”

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  • Mark Henry’s poop bag

    16 man tournament. Winner gets John cena tv nd ppv spot

  • Alpha_Omega

    Pretty obvious he’ll be back in time for Wrestlemania…

  • Guest

    They could just cover Darren Young in talc and none of the kids would bat an eyelid.

  • Lilreuche ?

    Stay home please

  • Joseph Douglas

    Correction: It will be filled with MORE exciting programming because of some people being out. Cena, Sheamus and Santino being gone at the same time is awesome. I hope he does not make it back for Wrestlemania, we do not need another Cena comeback story and have him win yet another title.

  • Devon

    Hopefully he doesn’t return during the rumble match. Cuz u all know who will win(again) if that happens

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