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John Cena Taking Time Off Update

After Hell in a Cell, John Cena is expected to take a short break from the WWE for personal reasons. He had originally requested time off in the summer, but that was delayed. As of now, PWInsider Elite has Cena returning right after Christmas.

Cena hasn’t mentioned any injuries or plans to get married. It’s said that Cena, who never takes a vacation, has created some talk with the locker room.

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  • Thomas Øksne Elverhøi

    breaking he wellness policy… just a cover up by wwe

    • jcice13

      LOL that’s something that can be true and hey at least he’d have hornswaggle to hang out with

  • Dexter

    Comes back at Royal Rumble as #1 and takes the most men and lasts longer in it. He then wins it and he’s back at Wrestlemania’s main event.

    • D.M.T

      No, just no. Your idea sucks balls.

      • Dexter

        I don’t want it to happen but I bet Cena does


        That’s just how it’s gonna be

    • Michael King

      Naw I doubt it

    • Mike

      I do think cena will run the rumble. Probably not as number one. They want his 16th reign to be big. Nothing is bigger than winning at mania.


    I’m hoping for a cm punk style departure, remember the real reason why Kurt angle left, cuz everybody was chanting you suck to his entrance theme

    • jcice13

      that’s not why he left

      • siddus

        Don’t feed the obvious troll.

        • jcice13

          someone has to or he’ll starve to death out there in that vast waste land he calls a mind


        That’s not what angle said in an interview later after his departure…. I remember that interview , because when he left, it was on good terms, but about a year later he burned wwe creative and Vince, even going as far as him saying, he was tired of the disrespect of the fans

        • jcice13

          not true..angle was granted an early release because , in his own words, he was wrestling hurt and some times in severe pain..why would he care if fans were booing a heel Angle and saying he sucks, when he left the WWE he was the highest paid guy on the roster, and if you’re logic is correct wouldn’t it also stand to reason that he’d be upset because he had to job to guys who couldn’t lace up his boots in the ring??? knowing he could beat them in less than a minute in a real match?

          • MEBOLA CEREAL

            You must of missed the interview when he joined TNA then

  • Darsow44

    Cena “has created some talk with the locker room.” That’s some illuminating journalism.

  • Michael Breen

    IF it is true, he deserves time off. He’s been at this for 13 years. It’s time for new stars to step up.

  • Devon

    He is advertised for December 29 which i will be going

  • jcice13

    as someone who can’t really take this guy I do give him credit for his endurance and his willingness to be there all the time and also all the hours the guy puts in off screen to charities and the like and public appearances, so if he didn’t fail a wellness test,and I’m pretty sure he didn’t since I doubt if Vince wouldn’t give him a heads up,the guys definitely deserves time off, does that mean he;’s dropping the US title or that they’ll do an “injury” storyline for him?

    • siddus

      He had better drop the title. For one, not dropping it would instantly lose all the prestige that’s been built up with it. For second, it would be seen as only not being dropped because it is Cena (which would probably be true) and that perception doesn’t help Cena, doesn’t help WWE, doesn’t help anyone.

      • jcice13

        LOL prestige of the US belt, you sound like a carny when you give me that line…and at this point in his career, there’s not much left to tarnish Cena’s shine….either people love him and they’ll cheer or they hate him and they boo, ain’t nothing changing there

    • MRNC

      It mean Ziggler will “injure” him and take the title. Hopefully that turns out to be be case. Giving Ziggler the push h rightful deserves.

      • jcice13

        Ziggler doesn’t rightly deserve anything…he’s not in the upper echelon but a notch below…and I don’t put all the blame on him but on creative, they’ve given him some seriously crap story lines and that’s taken a lot off his character…so maybe a heel turn and a US title run could help but I doubt it..he’ll need a complete character makeover and he has to be a total nasty heel, obnoxious and uncaring and if they’re going with this womanizer thing for him then go all the way, have him “dating” lots of the Divas and cheating on every one of them

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    He will probably be back before december

  • josh

    Surprised that Vince is letting his golden ratings boy go on leave when to him the ratings are extremely low and he is freaking out about it.

    • jcice13

      did you happen to see the ratings the other week for RAW? guess you didn’t because in the final hour when Cena was on the numbers were the lowest of all 3 hours, so maybe you’re over estimating your Cena golden boy line, one would think that the final portion of the show would draw the highest numbers since it was being played up the entire night but not the case here

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