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John Cena Tweets Scar Photo, Bella Twins Hype Sunday’s Total Divas

– John Cena tweeted a new photo of his scars following the removal of his stitches with the following comment:

“Daily dose of scar stuff. Will post some less gut wrenching pics of rehab later #evenstronger @WWEUniverse @eonline”

New Closeup of John Cena s Scares

– The Bella Twins hyped tomorrow’s episode of WWE Total Divas, writing on Twitter, “While the other Divas or whatever we r callin that jelly group is drinkin their haterade, this Sunday #TotalDivas has a NEW episode! 10pm ET”

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  • Iron Mike Sharpe

    It would be nice if he disappeared for 6 months. When he actually returns to rasslin MAYBE I’d be pleasantly surprised. Since I don’t tweet, twat, twit or twut the only way I see Cena info is here. Do us all a favor and stifle some of it.

  • godngreatnwoo

    im not even a john cena fan but other then daniel bryan who else can carry raw lets face it wwe needs cena they have no other stars built like him he is the hulk hogan of this era lets face it not to mention this guy deserves repect and to be on raw i meen hes done more then the rocks 7 years he truely loves wwe and he has my repect even though im not a fan only a fan of heels

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