John Cena’s New Gear That He Will Debut Tonight already has John Cena’s new gear that he will be wearing tonight at Survivor Series, you can see it below:

John Cena s New Ring Gear Debuting Tonight

  • Hair_Soup

    Nice new ‘gear’ that he’ll throw out to the crowd as soon as he gets into the ring…

  • rob

    If only it was black and yellow…. the new NEW Nexus

  • Mayback

    I initially saw black and yellow, guess blue is better with blue

  • Rahul

    Damn it, it’s not NEW gear anymore. Lazy asses just change the color and sell it as new.

  • ICouldBeWrong

    Well,well,well a blue and yellow shirt. He needs to use only 2 more colors (Indigo and Violet for those that are wondering) and he’ll have a shirt for every color of the rainbow. Upon this happening he shall forever be known as John “Rainbow” Cena or “Rainbow Cena”…at least by me.

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