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John Cena’s Opponent At The 12/26 WWE Live Event At MSG Will Be Against A Former WWE Champion

WWE Live Event
WWE is advertising John Cena vs. Sheamus in a U.S Championship match as well as Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens in an Intercontinental Championship match for their live event at Madison Square Garden on December 26, 2015.

Also advertised to appear are:

The Bella Twins

Demon Kane

The Dudley Boyz

Mark Henry



The Miz

King Barrett



And more.

As noted, Cena will be taking time off following the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event this Sunday. Cena’s return date to WWE will be at this live event at MSG.

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    Job Henry’s on the card.

  • Michael King

    So sheamus is going to accept the challenge

  • Dexter

    So that means either Cena takes the time off with the belt or somehow wins it by December or Sheamus wins the title


    So were gonna have to assume that cena is gonna lose the belt to sheamus just to reclaim it when he comes back and bury sheamus

    • Mike

      Will you actually listen to yourself? Even if that is true, cena bury Sheamus? So wouldn’t Sheamus bury cena too? Also Sheamus will be wwe champ eventually so dropping the U.S. title if he wins it is no problem. Losing to the face of the company is no burial.


        Whatever happened to cesaro, who lost to the face of the company, or ziggler flirting with the face of the companies girlfriend , the only midcarder that was able to recover from “the champs” burials was Kevin Owens so far…. If cena would at least take a few more months off as planned, he could repackage himself and get rid of his real undertaker persona

        • Mike

          You clearly don’t understand a burial. A quick win in under 10 minutes in a one sided match is a burial. Ziggler fought cena a few weeks ago and had a fantastic match. Also if anything the matches with cena helped cesaro, he was just out of the tag team and those matches really out him on the map again. I would say losing to owens cleanly twice in a row hurt a lot more. Cena is the top star he is going to win more often that not, that’s just logic. However he has very good matches with all his opponents now, therefore both men come out looking good. Owens clearly benefited from the fued, that first win was huge, and now he is ic champ, he didn’t recover from anything, cena helped him big time.


        Sheamus vs cena is also being advertised for the local Bremen Germany at the February wwe live event, hope to go, but it’s harder getting tickets over here

  • Mike

    This doesn’t mean much. They could easily change plans. Also Sheamus is already in a match on the kick off show. Still if he were to accept, win and take out cena. That’s a huge boost for him. He will be wwe champ before to long as well. I wouldn’t bet on it being sheamus on Sunday though.

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