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John Morrison Clarifies Roman Reigns Comment, Rey Mysterio’s Popularity

John Morrison might be focused on his time in Lucha Underground, but he still gets a chance to watch the WWE product. The former IC Champion spoke on WWE’s current top star and their former talent, Rey Mysterio.

“I did this interview and I put [Reigns] over like he’s a really nice guy and a buddy of mine,” said Morrison. “They were like how would you like to wrestle him? And I kind of said off the cuff, a little jokingly and a little seriously I’d love to wrestle him in ten years after he’s learned to work. Did I mean that? I just made the comment to bust his balls a little bit.”

When it came to his friend and fellow Lucha Underground performer, Morrison couldn’t think of anybody so over with fans across the globe.

“I can’t say enough good things about Rey,” said Morrison. “He’s somebody that’s possibly the most popular Luchador of all time. When you’re in Mexico with Rey Mysterio, it’s like walking around in England with The Beatles. Everybody knows who Rey Mysterio is.”

To hear more from Morrison’s visit on the Kevin Gale Show, please click here.

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  • jcice13

    the one thing I’ve found to be true more so today than years ago is that people either can’t understand when a jock is having some fun with jock humor or they think it’s not PC.I can understand if they read it but this was an interview so you can tell by the tone if he’s serious or busting balls

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