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Jonathan Coachmans’s Big Announcement Revealed

It was announced on Tuesday night’s (October 13th, 2015) 9:00 p.m. est edition of SportsCenter that ESPN will be doing a weekly segment on the show about WWE.

ESPN is hyping it as the top five moments in WWE. The segment will consist of the top five moments from Monday night’s episode of RAW. The segment will be hosted by Jonathan Coachman.

Seth Rollins appeared on SportsCenter via satellite. Rollins talked about his feud with Kane. He said that Kane is just jealous of him.

There was a clip of Rollins mocking the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel.

Rollins was asked what his favorite sports was, and Rollins said it was football.

This wraps up the segment.

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  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I always think there’s only two ways to really be a fan of wrestling – to take the show as seriously as they attempt to present it, or to fully embrace and revel in all of its over-the-top-ness. (And maybe there’s an option directly in the middle.) I’m not sure which one ESPN is going for, but I think there’s a really weird dynamic going on in WWE right now. It’s like this strange mesh point where elements from all of the recent periods of WWE’s history are rolled into one. You’ve got the attempts at crossover marketing that were largely seen in the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling era, you’ve got a gradual move back toward a focus on in-ring performance that was seen in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression period. And yet, the gimmicks that are cartoony are REAAALLLY cartoony – like 80s-late 90s cartoony. I mean, one of the midcard feuds this year was something you’d find in a comic book. But, somewhat to WWE’s credit, they went all in on the idea of it looking comic-book-ish and didn’t try to market it as anything else, which shows a level of self-awareness that they haven’t always had.

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