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JR Says He’s Out of Touch, NXT Tapings Notes, RVD Talks WWE Future

– Rob Van Dam posted a new ipadio blog about his WWE departure and his future with the company. RVD noted on Twitter that he will “be back soon…ish.” The audio blog is below and does contain some adult language:

– The dark match before last night’s WWE NXT tapings saw Jason Jordan defeat Tye Dillinger. The dark main event segment featured former General Manager Dusty Rhodes coming out to talk. He was interrupted by current GM JBL, who had a bull rope and challenged Dusty to a bull rope match. Dusty ended up bringing out Big Show, who had words with JBL. Triple H then came out and turned down a fight from Show. Instead, Triple H sent out several NXT stars but Show knocked them all out. Big Show knocked out JBL and posed with Dusty to end the segment.

– Jim Ross says he’s out of touch with pro wrestling. He tweeted the following last night:

“I’m ready to admit that I don’t understand sports entertainment OR pro wrestling any more. #OutofTouch”

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  • Lara_P1

    I really wonder why JR said that comment.

  • Sieg

    No JR, you’re not out of touch it’s just that you have an honest understanding as to how things SHOULD BE but the people you were working for DON’T want those things to be. A lot of them would have to deal with the fact that they are no longer the cutting edge of the wrestling business. They use their power to stagnate the culture in fear of becoming irrelevant in front of the cameras or behind the scenes.

    • Mike Smith

      I love JR and don’t think for a second he’s out of touch or himself even thinks that. However I have a big problem w the rest of your comment. No one in pro wrestling has the credentials to question the decision making of McMahon and co. They have been the dominant force in wrestling for 30 years, excluding the wcw run that was spearheaded by guys the WWE made stars. As for HHH there is no denying the improvement in the product since his rise. Look at the guys w the biggest builds and pushes in the last year alone, Shield, Cody Rhodes, Bryan, And Punk. People need to stop hating and realize that HHH respects the business and has been doing some great things.

      • Sieg

        Triple H has done some great things but if the last few years, with the breakouts by CM Punk and Bryan, have shown anything is that as soon he inserts himself into the ME things begin to stagnate. When Punk was at his hottest and his heat was only increasing, Triple H was the wet blanket who inserted himself and Nash into the ME when it wasn’t needed. Punk remained hot but he could’ve had way more heat if they’d just let him burn (bad pun I know). The same thing is happening with Bryan and with rumours of Triple H/Bryan match in the near future I have to say that when it comes to breakout stars Hunter is always there to make sure he gets a little shine.

        Also as a fan why can’t I question some of the decision making? I like wrestling therefore I’m going to have an opinion on things and I am free to discuss them with others. The WWE aren’t going to get butthurt over the opinion of one fan who doesn’t agree with the way things seem to be playing out. I don’t need you telling me that WWE has been dominant, I’m not blind. I never said Hunter hasn’t done great things, he has, but I don’t agree with everything he’s done or what the WWE is putting out as a product. That’s not hating, that’s just my opinion which I’m free to have. If you don’t want people to “hate” then why bother reading the comments? lol

  • jcice13

    jim ross is a shill as for why he said he’s out of touch?? maybe he was just referring to him not being around the sport as much, but I refuse to believe he hasn’t seen everything that can be seen in this business
    the comment is just out there by itself..was it an answer to someone’s question or a comment made after discussing an angle??? or did he just out of the blue “I am out of touch”?

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