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JR: WWE Using Paul Bearer and Cena’s Divorce, The Shield Evolving, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

– For those complaining about the usage of Paul Bearer’s image less than a week after his sudden passing last Tuesday at the age of 58, I suggest that they relax. I’m guessing that I knew Percy better than most complaining within the internet wrestling community and I can say without hesitation that he would have loved how his TV persona was honored notwithstanding how he contributed to one more storyline leading into WrestleMania.

Punk interrupting the final moments of the opening Paul Bearer tribute was villainy 101.

As a matter of fact, I felt like Punk had more antagonist angst when Raw was going off the air than he did when he first arrived on the scene in the first segment of the show.

The idea is to motivate fans to pay to see the villain get his ass handed to him and if that theory is accurate then WWE succeeded in regards to the Taker-Punk ‘Streak’ match at WM29.

– WWE utilizing John Cena’s divorce in the WWE Title video package surprised me. However, it made perfect sense and is an issue that most people can relate to in some fashion. It also helps realistically explain Cena’s own self proclaimed downward spiral in 2012.

– Proud of The Shield guys after having seen them evolve and develop in NXT even though some will either hit me on our Q&A’s or on Twitter @JRsBBQ that both Rollins and Ambrose were ready for prime time upon leaving ROH. I have a different opinion on that matter and I think that the talents themselves would concur. That’s no knock on ROH who I am pulling for in a big way to be successful.

– Add @WWEDanielBryan vs. @HEELZiggler to my list of ‘Best of Seven’ candidates. They had one helluva wrestling match on RAW Monday night. I’d expect both men to travel in different circles post WrestleMania as in faster circles or so I hope.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/PatronSaintofSolitude Jason Michael Lockett

    Thank you, Jim Ross, for adding some intelligence to the wild, wild internet. I think that some people just don’t get that everything is a part of the show. While William Moody will be missed (and, dammit, he will), there is almost no better way for WWE to honor him, but to give him just one last angle to be a part of. One more storyline that brings his time with The Undertaker full circle. It does make the somewhat rushed buildup between Taker and Punk a bit more meaningful, as a WrestleMania match like this could use some gravitas. Rest in Peace, Paul Bearer. There was no one like you and you’re going out with a bang.

    • BANE

      Completely agree. Plus, I couldn’t agree more with JR on everything he said. CMPUNK!!!! RIP PAULBEARER!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jaydn.lebsanft Jaydn Lebsanft

    even though williaml is not alive he is still apart of the storyline he would be honored to be in the storyline in some way with the undertaker one last time i think he would like that