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JTG Reacts To Shocking WWE Release, Talks Talent Getting Frustrated

Former WWE superstar JTG recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to promote his book. The conversation quickly came to WWE’s problem using talent.

“Talent are finally getting frustrated and definitely getting frustrated with the way things are getting handled backstage and it’s sad because it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you have to be chosen,” said JTG. “You have to be handpicked and (Ryback) when he put out that statement a couple of weeks ago it made a lot of sense because it is the only business no matter how hard you work it can achieve to nothing.”

When it came to the recent WWE releases, one name shocked JTG.

“Definitely Damian Sandow,” said JTG. “He got himself over and the response that he got from the WrestleMania Andre The Giant Battle Royal was WOW! I haven’t seen this guy in a while and he was getting a great reaction from the crowd and they had to do something with him and I did not see that coming with him in the releases and that goes to show that if you are not handpicked it doesn’t matter if you get a reaction or not if you are not selected by the ‘powers-that-be’ or don’t play the game you are not going to be used.”

To hear JTG’s thoughts on the next crop of superstars and Cody Rhodes’ WWE departure, click here.

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    There was nothing shocking about Sandow being released….pretty sure everyone saw that coming….well,except this goof ball apparently

  • The Shockmaster

    I thought JTG was commenting on his shocking release!

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