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Kaitlyn Says She Wants A Shot At Kharma, Former WCW Wrestler Releases Autobiography

– In this week’s edition of WWE Inbox, Kaitlyn addresses such topics as the spear, who inspired her to become a WWE Diva, the type of match she desires to face AJ Lee in, her favorite The Simpsons character and episode, and which former WWE Diva she is most interested in facing in. In response to the last topic, the “Hybrid Diva” wants Kharma since she reminds her of a character from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

“I never got a shot to face Kharma,” said Kaitlyn. “I guess the biggest reason is because she really reminds me of Ursula the Sea Witch, just because of her laugh.”

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– Former WCW wrestler Bobby Blaze has released an autobiography, Pin Me, Pay Me!: Have Boots, Will Travel, chronicling his journey throughout the world of professional wrestling. The synopsis reads, “Bobby Blaze Smedley’s forthright autobiography, Pin Me, Pay Me, Have Boots Will Travel, is a powerful and insightful look at the inner workings of the world of professional wrestling, written in an introspective story-telling style that puts you in the ring with him. Overcoming illness and adversity to rise to the heights of his chosen profession, Bobby takes you on the road and around the world as he realizes his lifelong dream, to be one of the rare individuals who earns his living as a professional wrestler.”

His book is available for purchase here.

Prior to joining World Championship Wrestling in the late 1990’s, Blaze competed for Smokey Mountain Wrestling. On February 26 1995, he defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler to capture the Smokey Mountain Heavyweight Championship.

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  • Damian Starr

    Kaitlin is so hot!

    • Steaveweiser

      Gotta love women with more muscle mass than a line backer and 30 lbs of hair extensions…..wait a second

      • D.M.T


        • stevewiser

          What? She’s too muscular and her hair is kinda ridiculous. She’s got more horse hair sewed into her head than a whole stable. I like the natural look, I’m not attracted to broads with hair extensions that look like they spend 89% of their day in a makeup chair. Besides aren’t you a girl? I think, as an adult heterosexual man, that I’m way more qualified to say whether a woman is attractive or not.

          • jcice13

            and I agree with your kaitlyn assessment to a certain point, but she’s not ugly, she’s a cute girl, nice looking enough, but hey if someone thinks she’s hot? well that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream, so someone can ask for strawberry

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I am not going to tell you what is wrong with this statement

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    Does she know who she is messing with?

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