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Kaitlyn’s Message to Eve, John Cena Responds to Vickie Guerrero

– John Cena responded to Vickie Guerrero’s comments on Twitter yesterday regarding AJ Lee resigning as Raw GM.

“Bit of advice @ExcuseMeWWE I know u r proud of your ‘actions’ but if u wanna run your mouth about me, it wont work. Ask @therock”

– Embedded below is a message Kaitlyn issued to Eve Torres on Tout.

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  • Chelsii.

    I’m sorry Kaitlyn, I didn’t understand a word of that apart from the words exposed and caught. Maybe you should move your mouth more rather than slur and mumble.

  • Mick

    I hope this Cena/AJ angle leads to a Cena vs. Ziggler feud, because both men are going to be pretty free after HIAC, as I predict a good ignition point would be Ziggler attempting the cash in this Sunday, and Cena ruining it out of frustration (probably aggravated if they had a confrontation on the Youtube preshow). Then Ziggler hopefully walks out of the feud with a good deal of momentum and becomes world champion by the end of the year.

  • matthew

    cena should go for the divas title

  • Fritz

    Cena vs Orton Diva’s title feud! Book it!

  • Kayfabe fan

    Cena vs orton the rematch : shit-in-a-diva’s bag on a pole match

  • The Boy

    Kaitlyn needs to do something with her hair, make it blonde or black not both. Also the three comments, above my comment, are hilarious.

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