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Kane Announces That He Is Running For Mayor Of Knox County, Tennessee

Kane, AKA Glenn Jacobs, has announced that he is running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

This tweet broke the news online:

Jacobs took some time out to talk to Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling about his mayoral bid.

Here are a couple highlights.

On his decision to run for mayor:

“That’s right, I’ve just made my announcement that I am going to be running for the office of Knox County Mayor in Tennessee. I am really thrilled about doing that and it is something that I have thought about doing for a long time, getting into politics and finally have what I think is to be a great opportunity and I am really looking forward to getting out on the campaign trail and meeting people down here in Knoxville and talking with them about the issues and getting to know them and hopefully them getting to know me so it is a very exciting time.”

On his decision to run as a Republican:

“I am going to run as a Republican and I think I will have the ability to help grow the Republican party locally. The reason I am running as a Republican is because I believe very strongly in the foundations of the Republican party, which are free market as well as personal freedom and that is the message that I need to get out there and I need to get it out there especially among young people. Frankly those are the future of the country and I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for fact as you said, I’ve put in a lot of work to get to where I was in WWE. I overcame obstacles to get to WWE, I had the opportunity to do those things because I live in America and I grew up in America. I’ve been so fortunate that I was able to live the American dream and that has to be available for my kids and my grand kids. The ability to do what you want with your life and the opportunity to build the life that you want and sometimes of course it feels like that is slipping through our fingers and a lot of times we look at Washington, D.C. as a problem (a person like me does) but local elected officials have probably more impact on your life than the people in Washington, D.C. We often get wrapped up in the “WWE of politics” which is at the Federal level and the Presidential Election and those sort of things but all levels or government matter and for someone like me who has been given just tremendous opportunities to take advantage of I want to keep those opportunities alive and I think it starts with me here in Knox County, Tennessee.”

Listen to that full segment below:

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