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Kane About Daniel Bryan Mentioning Team Hell No During Retirement Speech

Kane, who was part of the successful tag team Hell No, recently joined Crave Online as he promotes WWE’s new film Countdown. The longtime WWE employee sees Daniel Bryan being forced into early retirement on two levels.

“As a fan of WWE it’s tragic because you’re not going to see a person perform anymore when they’re in the prime of their career,” said Kane. “On a personal level, it’s bittersweet because again, Bryan Danielson is very passionate and that was his dream, to be in the big leagues and to be an international superstar. He achieved it but unfortunately it was cut short and he didn’t live it as much as he wanted to but on the other hand, you knew it was really best for him as a human being. When he said that nice stuff about me in that promo, that was where I was like ‘I can’t watch this anymore’ because I don’t like having those sort of emotions [laughs]. It was mostly bittersweet.”

Since Bryan retired, he’s been rather silent. There were plans for an apperception themed live event from Madison Square Garden, but it was cancelled last minute. At the same time, Bryan was pulled from all WWE appearances and his return to TV isn’t known.

At WrestleMania 32 Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella, also retired from wrestling. She plans on spending more time with Bryan and starting a family.

To get the entire Kane interview, please click here.

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  • NotU

    “Since Bryan retired, he’s been quite.”

    Quite what? Quite upset? Quite withdrawn?

    • Iain Moss

      they meant quiet

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