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Kane Talks Federal Reserve, Axel Backstage, Goldust and Cody

– Glen “Kane” Jacobs appears in the video below talking about the Federal Reserve System:

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, who is dealing with a hip injury, was backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Tampa.

– WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust spoke with Rock Riley of The Bright House Sports Network on Tuesday. Cody noted that their pairing wasn’t something that was planned out for a long time. Goldust noted that he feels better than ever after dropping 60 pounds on a no-carb diet.

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  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Kane is a Ron Paul guy.

  • Axel also appeared on the RAW with the rest of the roster during the randy orton celebration. He was in his full wrestling gear with the IC title around his waist. He looked fine to me.

    • Lara_P1

      Axel blew his hips (according to reports); if so, there is no way in hell he is wrestling for quite some time. Again, if true, i wonder how they will get the title off of him bc it’s a waste to just have the IC title sitting on the shelf.

      • I don’t think they’re true because as. Said he was on RAW, in full wrestling gear, looking just like he always does. He wasn’t using crutches or a cane and his hips weren’t wrapped up, he looked normal.

        • Lara_P1

          I guess we will have to wait and see how bad his injury is or if it’s just mild.

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