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Karl Anderson Finishes NJPW Deal, Headed To WWE

Enuhito, a reporter out of Japan, confirmed that Karl Anderson has completed the dates left on his NJPW contract and is headed to WWE. No word when his partner Doc Gallows will return to WWE.

Enuhito tweeted,

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    All your articles are on point,good on you Mr.Lisnow.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      always looking to improve.


        That’s good,I like that you actually put out good quality material. Maybe you can teach your skills to another unnamed individual. Lol..

        • Bonkerz


          • HOAK KOGAAN

            Pretty much yeah,I mean not to be rude,but he is lazy. I feel like you should do an Open Season and ask the people what to do with Mr Andrew Ravens.

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

            I doubt they’ll do an “Open Season” with the topic being about Ravens lmfao.

          • HOAK KOGAAN

            We already know the answer the people would give,but I haven’t seen an article from him all day….maybe they quietly removed him…we can hope

          • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

            Ravens doesn’t report articles on the weekends. Joe Lisnow is the one usually doing that.

          • HOAK KOGAAN

            Oh okay. Dang,got my hopes up.

        • hotkillerz

          so how about we have a pool on if ravens should stick to tna and jet joseph do wwe?

          • HOAK KOGAAN

            Yeah I like that idea,except recently he botched that too,and put TNA news on WWE….lol

          • hotkillerz

            can they just fire him then?

          • HOAK KOGAAN

            No idea,even if they could idk that they would. People have been complaining about the dope for a long time.

        • Damian Starr

          Just a shame he’s bias af

          • HOAK KOGAAN

            Lisnow? I mean would you rather have a bias or an idiot who can’t even manage to copy and paste correctly? Whether he is biased or not(idk) at least he seemingly takes pride in his work and doesn’t half @$$ it.also,hes not the only other writer,anyone but ravens.

  • Mark B.

    Is it time for a Ezekiel Jackson return?

    • Someguy


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