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Kelly Kelly’s Asking Price To Appear At Indy Shows

Rob Feinstein of RF Video, who coordinates wrestler appearances at trade shows, posted a lengthy blog on his Facebook page detailing his recent negotiations for the former Kelly Kelly, Barbie Blank, to appear at next month’s “Legends of the Ring” convention in Monroe, New Jersey. The former Diva’s agent verbally agreed to a deal six weeks ago, but it fell through Friday after Feinstein was informed that her asking price to appear at independent events had increased to $10,000.

Feinstein writes, “I make it a rule to NEVER bury anyone in the wrestling business publicly if a deal goes wrong. Well in this case I want to inform anybody who might be a fan of Barbie Banks (FKA Kelly Kelly) on how her manager conducts business. To say I am pissed is a understatement. This is no way reflect Barbie Banks FKA Kelly Kelly.

“About 6 weeks ago we struck a verbal deal to bring her into Legends of the Ring. We were told by her manger that she was going to be able to do outside projects while she was still under WWE contract. It really made no sense but she told me that she was in the progress of getting her a new deal that would allow this. She told me that we had a done deal and we agreed on terms. We just never signed a deal because she wanted to wait until she got a new contract which I was told would be a week.

“A week went by and than I was told that because of the holiday labor day I would have to wait another week. When that week passed I was told that Barbie had to do something personal and we would have to wait another week to see if she was medically cleared to make it to our show. To me that is when things got fishy. I informed her manager that two weeks ago you told me we had a deal and we were just waiting for the paper work to go thru. Now things seemed fishy. Well later that week I was informed that she was not going to be able to make it because WWE at the time was not giving her another contract. Honestly none of this made sense to me but I thought that maybe it was true because I have heard she was trying to get a new deal to do outside projects.

“So after 3 weeks or so of being put on hold finally her agent told me the deal was dead and we would have to wait until March to book her. We left everything on great terms even though I was pissed for being put thru the windmill for 3 weeks.

“I went out and booked Shane Helms instead which is great.

“On Friday I get a call from her agent again out of the blue asking me if its to late to book Kelly for Legends of the Ring and now she was able to do it. I told her I only had two weeks now to promote this and I wanted a better rate. I also had to talk to the promoter of Legends of the Ring and get his approval since I once already told him I had her and than had to tell him I lost her. I called up James who is always professional and told him that I could get her again and that I would feel more comfortable if he talked to her agent with me to confirm everything.

“We had a three way call and we came to terms on money, the times and everything. All we needed to do was sign off on the deal. She than asked me for the address of the venue and the times and everything you would put into a contract. I told her I would sign it as soon as I looked it over and we agreed on the phone I would be able to announce this today.

“A hour after we talked I was informed by the agent that someone called with in the hour that we struck our deal and offered Kelly more money that weekend for another event. She than basically tried to hold me up for more money asking well cant I match the deal and I told her no way we already verbally comitted to a deal.

“The professional thing to do here was to tell the other party you already stuck a deal for that date and you would work with them in the future. That is how you conduct proper business in wrestling. A deal is a deal and especially in this business you stick to your word.

“She than told me she had to talk to Barbie and she would call me back. Well with in 4 minutes I got a text no call…..just a text saying that she talked to Barbie and that Barbie decided to go with the other guy. It was obvious she never talked to her as many people in that circle told me that it was so wrong to do. I also want to point out that I had given her at least 10 other dates at the time. For the record her asking price is 10k a shot…you do the match….We had alot of money on the table over the next 7 months with her.

“I informed James of the situation and to say he was not happy was a understatement. James texted her and tried to get her to call him but she refused saying that we never had a deal which was a total lie.

“We had a deal, we agreed and everything was set. Like I said in wrestling when you verbally committ and tell someone your drawing up a contract its a deal. I told her agent that I have worked with everyone from the Rock which I had at my store before, to every big name in the business and that this was a first. Of course she did not reply and I just wanted to let everyone know that because of this the fans of her will not be getting to meet her at the upcoming legends convention.

“I will never work with her agent again unless she gives us the proper apology and does business the right way.

“I never like to work with agents in wrestling for this reason. They do not understand the wrestling business and usually end up costing their clients money, in this case ALOT of money.

“I was not going to pay her full price because we had a deal set because of all the dates but now that is all off the table. So if you book her beware of what your getting yourself into.

“Again this does not reflect on Barbie just the person taking her bookings.”

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  • Chelsii.

    I’d rather have Shane Helms over her anyday, don’t be mad Rob. You essentially just received an upgrade.

  • rob

    What do you expect she is a grimy backstage whore

  • Dr Shelby

    if you stick to that price, the only place youll get that much is some porn orginization

  • Dom


  • Who does she think she is? Stacy Keibler?

  • Fuck Off

    I wouldn’t pay to see Kelly Kelly at an indy event. She’s not worth the money.

  • FacePuncher

    I hope she ends up getting blacklisted and can’t get work on any indy show, or at least fires her agent. What a shitty thing to do, trying to exploit as much money as possible from the indy promoters

  • Real Kosher

    lol dude trying to make the agent look bad, but in reality its kelly kellys fault and she calls the shots

  • jayman

    kelly kellys agent is a faggot

  • Me

    Damn, I don’t know who wrote this article, but I just want to let you know it is “within” not “with in”. Also, there were two places where you used “than” when you should have used “then”. Try not to be so illiterate.

  • later marks

    Am I the only one who remembers Rob Feinstein is an outed pedophile? How is he still allowed to work in the wrestling business when so many kids attend these shows?

    Rob Feinstein was caught in a TV pedophile sting trying to set up dates to have sex with 12 year old boys. He would tell them he was a pro wrestler.

    RF is in no place to ever judge anybody.

  • Erwin

    I don’t even know why he wanted K2 in the first place, I mean that chick can barely wrestle. Maybe they want an eye candy but then again I don’t think it’s that difficult to find another blonde bimbo on the street.

  • Matt

    @later marks,

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Is it any wonder the rest of the world looks down on us wrestling fans? It’s because the see idiocy like these *Brian Pillman voice* SMAAAAAARRRRT MAAAAARRRKS ripping on Kelly Kelly, who as far as we know, would never harm another human being, much less a child, but will eat up a KNOWN PEDOPHILE’S video tapes like they’re candy.

  • Z…..

    also your doesnt mean you are, that would be you’re

  • Dr. Shelby

    just so you guys that are ripping on wrestlenewz know, theyre not illeterate or spelling stuff, its a quote from her agent apparently and there putting it word for word. why not just read the article? it takes a real dick to look for someones mistakes and then bash on them. Your Welcome.

  • Z…..

    ^ was clearly talking about the agent’s illiteracy

  • The Truth

    Rob was never convicted because the sting operation group I guess never was working with law enforcements

  • Chelsii.

    I’ve never watched any of Rob’s videos or have any respect for him. I just decided to point out how much better it was to have Shane Helms booked than K2.

    Kayfabe Commentaries > RF Videos.

  • Striker9

    …..Who cares?………..

  • Kyle

    And for an extra 500 you can fuck kelly after the show

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