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Ken Shamrock Interested In Returning To WWE, 30 Second Fury – GTS (Video), WWE 2K 14

– Ken Shamrock revealed on Twitter last night that he would be open to returning to WWE.

A fan remarked to Shamrock that he would love to see him back in the organization. Shamrock responded, “@VinceMcMahon is the man who can set it up brother @WWE.” The 49-year-old was then asked if he would like to return, and replied, “yes.”

– WWE highlights CM Punk’s devastating GTS in this 30 Second Fury video.

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– The official website of WWE 2K14 has added profiles on John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Zack Ryder. Layfield has a game rating of 89 while Ryder comes up at 85.

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  • Kayfabe Fan

    Shamrock? Yes please! Dat theme song.

    • Mr. Creative

      I enjoyed Shamrock wrestling back in the day. I wouldn’t mind him returning but question ‘What would his role would be?’ I don’t see him in much of a wrestling role. Perhaps act a manager for a certain superstar? Or assist in training the superstars?

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    No I do not want Ken Shamrock back into the WWE. Why should he return?.

    • Hawkins

      Because he is the Man thats why

  • Shell

    My dream match.. Shamrock vs. Lesnar.. But I bet it already happened.. somewhere..
    But hell yeah I would love Shamrock back in WWE for one more run.

    • YM5

      lol no never happened never will

      • Shell

        Who knows.

        • YM5

          I do lol

  • John Cena 2004

    The World’s Most Dangerous Man vs. The Beast

  • Devon

    Shamrock should wrestle one more match!!!

  • mrlaw

    Shamrock is close to 50.. I don’t want to see his ass in the ring anymore.. He had his time.. He can’t help WWE at this point because he never amounted to anything more then a hire henchmen for Vince McMahon… It’s time for new stars to be made, not old ones trying to relive their semi-glory days..

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      My point exactly

  • GrahamNicol

    He’s is broke that’s why he wants to return

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