Kenny Dykstra Talks About The Spirit Squad, Cena’s Affairs, Being Released

Former WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra spoke with Robert “Krupy” Krup’r from Here are some highlights from the interview.

Being released despite beating Ric Flair three times: “I was supposed to go into a more in depth feud with Flair, but at that PPV, Triple H tore his leg again. They then moved Flair with HBK to fight against Rated RKO. With that being done, I was left with nothing.”

The Spirit Squad gimmick: “It never mattered to me what I was doing. People will joke, ‘you’re a cheerleader,’ but at the end of the day it made me very wealthy.”

His comments about John Cena having affairs with Mickie James and other Divas: “I said what I said before and that was the truth, unfortunately some people don’t like to hear the truth. But it is what it is. I haven’t heard or spoken to either of them. I am easy to get ahold of if they ever wanted too though.”

  • Alpha_Omega

    He’s still going on about Cena? Jeez, give it a rest. I don’t like Cena but seriously man, let it go and get on with your life.

  • Chelsii

    Like they’d want to talk to a bottom feeder McDonald’s destined to be like you.

  • Kayfabe fan

    Even when he gets injured trips still buries people lol
    Well he is the game and he is that damn good

  • CMmox

    In 20 years from now Kenny will still be saying I’m still waiting…

  • Brock Lesnar

    He makes me want to cheer for cena, and nobody has ever made me want to do that besides kevin federline

    • Y2J

      The Dr. Of Thuganomics made me like Cena.

  • Krupy
    • Kedo2

      Jej ceska stranka o wrestlingu ? Ani som nevedel :D

      • Krupy

        No jasné :)

        • Kedo2

          Stravil som tam par minut a musim uznat ze mate dobru formu interview s wrestlermi :))) Len na mna prilis komplikovana stranka :D WNZ mi pride ze to prioritne je v strede kdezto u vas ma lave aj prave menu skoro rovnaku sirku.

          • Krupy

            Díky, venujem sa tomu už dlho a v?aka tomu ich aj dos? ve?a osobne poznám. Už ?oskoro nastane zmena designu, takže si prídeš na svoje :)

    • Rob

      Whoah whats with the bullshit “Art of Wrestling”?

      This is not Colt Cabana lol

      • Krupy

        We used this name first, just for your information. And we also interviewed Colt few months ago, so there´s no need to use that word. Thank you

      • Kedo2

        Dude ! Do you even know positive criticism ? This kind of criticism makes nothing better.

  • WrestleDaMania

    Not the biggest Kenny fan but couldn’t you have added something he said that was abit more positive, I this is WNZ but this is like cutting an anti-america promo in Washington DC let alone Colorado.

    He also said:

    “Ric Flair – Brett Favre

    Dolph Ziggler – The best today

    John Cena – Hardworker

    Mickie James – Wrestler not singer.

    Triple H – Smartest

    Edge – Most down to earth.

    Randy Orton – Best heel”

    Wait a minute….

  • Matt

    So if what he says is true, why do they need to contact him instead of him going up to them upfront?

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