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Kenny King About Leaving ROH for TNA Wrestling

Kenny King spoke with Digital Journal about his decision to leaving Ring of Honor for TNA Wrestling.

“I left because there was a bigger opportunity,” he said. “I also left because I had given ROH what I felt was a long enough period of time to convince me to stay and they did a pretty piss poor job of that. Not everyone. Just probably one person in particular. I personally feel like I handled it the best way I could based on what I was looking at.”

King also discussed signing with TNA, being a retired Chippendale, his reaction to seeing Hulk Hogan backstage and more.

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  • Aaron

    What bigger opportunity? When was the last time he was used?

    • YM5

      keyword here: WAS

    • Damian Starr

      Contrary to your opinions TNA is actually bigger than ROH… only because of Rob carters money but that is a different issue

      • Aaron

        He would at least get more ring time in ROH!

  • Steve

    Enjoy minimum wage

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