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Kenny Omega On His Time In PWG, WWE Developmental And The Bullet Club

NJPW superstar Kenny Omega recently spoke with about various topics. Here are the highlights.

His time with PWG: “PWG is somewhat like a home away from home. Just before I left for Japan, I was just breaking into there and the fans there are very receptive. They love me, they love my character, and they love my matches. The promoter there took a chance on me when others wouldn’t and I entered the main event scene with the highest quality of opponents there before any other promotions. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for PWG.”

Being with WWE Developmental: “That’s one thing Deep South Wrestling taught me, which was the WWE developmental at the time when I was there. Some people thrive being programmed, some people need to have a direction told to them, some people need to be created from the ground up to even stand a chance in this world. But for people like me, I really need my own creative freedom and be in an environment where that can I flourish.”

Wrestlers copying the Bullet Club logo: “I think it’s sort of a cheesy cash-in, like, it’s bad enough that we have so many parodied t-shirt designs that people are buying,” said Omega. “It’s bad enough that you have to parody a legitimate wrestling logo. Parody a movie, parody a game, parody a TV show, but a wrestling shirt parodying a wrestling shirt, that’s a little cheesy. Can’t you go a little deeper than that?”

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