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Kevin Nash Says There Will Be An nWo Reunion

The New World Order created chaos in the ranks of World Championship Wrestling as the renegade faction sought success by any means necessary. Now, group founder Kevin Nash is looking to reform the nefarious faction and run roughshod over the world of wrestling once again.

“A lot of you wanted an NWO reunion, there will be one. As you know we only come in take over mode. Stay tuned!!!,” he announced Tuesday night via Twitter.

The group’s reformation could take place in WWE and if Nash has his wish fulfilled, with CM Punk as their leader. Nash tweeted to a fan that he wants the WWE Champion as group captain with the “NWO army to protect the gold.”

“Rock will never walk out of the Rumble with the belt. We got Phil’s back,” he adds.

Meanwhile, TNA Wrestling executive Eric Bischoff re-tweeted Nash’s announcement reading “A lot of you wanted an NWO reunion, there will be one. As you know we only come in take over mode. Stay tuned!!!”

  • Only Smoke & Mirrors 2 Meeee !

    Oh Shit hey if yall can stay sober Hell yeah and if yall can be back in shape hell yeah and if yall can be as awesome as once upon a time in the Good Ole Dub U c Dub U
    Then Hell Fucking Yeah! yesyesyesyesyesyesyes

  • rick

    Yeah I wanna see a bunch of geriatrics reform to protect Punk, and if they create a new NWO it won’t be the same. Nash is most likely full of shit anyway. The only NWO reunion we will see is at some flea market in front of 50 fans who want to be overcharged for an autograph.

  • Prashant

    There can never b an nwo reunion again hogan in tna, hall in addiction pool and nash can barely walk only the name can b given to the new grp

  • Jimmy

    Unless Kevin Nash is working in WWE creative, the nWo is not coming back. WCW did it to make people watch Nitro on Monday Nights instead of Raw. WWE has no real competition at the moment, so the nWo is pretty pointless anymore.

  • Apacaveli

    All I Can Say Is nWo A Coming Royal Rumble 2013 neW WoRld OrdeR Returns 2 Kick Some Ass And Take Names And Ask Questions Later nWo 4 Life Brother Cuz Its Just 2 Sweeeeet And Hey Yo Lets Take A Survey If U Wanna See The nWo Return At WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Yes Yes Yes Yes Survey Says One More For The Good Guys And Say Hello 2 The Bad Guy Chico Cuz When Ur In nWo Ur nWo 4-Life….

  • DeanDuck

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Won’t necessarily like it, but I’ll believe it.

  • Aaron

    Last I remember Phil was dropping pipe bombs on super shredder

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