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Kevin Nash Talks About AJ Styles

Kevin Nash recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Big Daddy Cool has worked with a who’s who of names throughout his years in the wrestling business. He reflected on his top 10 favorite opponents he’s faced in his career. While legends like Bret Hart and The Undertaker took spots #3 and #2 respectively, his top choice is someone still paving his own path to greatness.

“AJ Styles is special,” Nash said, “I’ve worked a lot with AJ and I never had a bad match with him. He was great in TNA. I was in my mid-fifties when I worked with him but I could still have a really, really good match with him. He’s that good.”

Nash went on to foretell the future of Styles’ ongoing success. It is a future that recent events in the WWE main show have already started setting into motion.

“I knew when he got to the show, he was going to go to another level,” Nash said, “AJ actually turned Cena into a true babyface and now he’s been anointed by Cena. AJ will be champion, absolutely.”

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