Kevin Nash Thanks Fans for Help, Jack Swagger’s Theme Song, Ryback

- Ryback will be appearing at the Adventure Land store in Voorhees, New Jersey on March 30th from 12 noon until 2pm. Tickets are required for autographs and photo ops. Call 856-772-5900 for more information.

- WWE has released Jack Swagger’s theme song, Patriot, on iTunes.

- Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter in response to the IndieGoGo campaign that Diamond Dallas Page has started to raise money for Scott Hall. The campaign has earned $33,807 of the $80,000 goal so far. Nash tweeted:

“The wrestling fan is the world’s strongest support base.Your outreach for Scott is amazing.Thank you for helping Scott to a 100% recovery”

  • Rob

    Hey Nash we all know you have the $$ so why not help your so called “Best Friend”.

    • Y2J

      Yeah. Wasn’t he just a stripper in something? Strippers get payed a lot :D

    • Juanita N Jerome Cregg

      The whole kliq should donate 15g’s a piece since there half 2 blame.

  • Stryker

    Rob, Although Kevin Nash has jumped the gun and made some crazy statements you cannot point the finger at him and “kind of” claim Scott isn’t one of his best friends. I myself have been through really rough times with regards to alcoholism. When my friends and family refused to help help me (financially), I believed they were self righteous people that only wanted to be seen as people who cared but weren’t willing to help. That was never the case because their help was just enabling me even more to do the wrong thing because I knew they would always pick me up when I fell. I think in Scott hall’s case and believe me he has been through a HELL of a lot more than I have ever been through and more than any of us will EVER know…I just think he really needs to see first hand that more than just his close friends and family care about him especially after all his long years on the road entertaining us while we just sat on the couch and watched him and his colleagues literally destroy their bodies and home life just so we could have a smile on our faces. Cut Kevin some slack, that is his friend and he does care about the guy, he knows a lot more about this situation than we do. As for DDP, Everyone should thank him for giving it his all and helping Scott as much as he can. Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t this been the longest he has been sober? Anyway I just want to say Thank You DDP for doing your best with Scott Hall. I would also like to say Good Luck on your journey to a full recovery Mr.Hall, life is never easy but I believe you can get through this obstacle….

    From a Wrestling Fan.

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