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Kevin Owens Talks Putting On A Show, Titles, Being Drafted Late

WWE Main Event
Kevin Owens recently did an interview with Planeta Wrestling.

Owens expounded what his main focus is in regards to his place in WWE.

“My immediate goal,” He began, “Is to make whatever I do on Raw or on pay-per-view, and even Live events; my one goal at all times is for people to walk away from that show and remember what I did. I want to make anything I do in WWE as memorable as possible.”

He continued and gave his view on titles,”Of course I’d love to be WWE Champion, or Universal Champion, whatever they’re calling it now,” Owens said, “But (performance) is always my main goal and the rest comes along. I never planned on being Intercontinental Champion after a couple months, that’s just the way it happened. Of course I’ve always wanted to be Intercontinental Champion growing up watching WWE. I was always very hopeful that one day I’d get to hold that title but I don’t set goals that way. Things come my way and I make the best of them.”

Owens, who was picked for the Raw draft in the fourth round at number 18, felt slighted by the decision making process of the WWE brass during the brand split.

“I think Stephanie wants Raw to be the best show possible,” He said, “And if you want that you gotta pick me because I’m the best thing going. I was actually picked way later than I should have been.”

He went on, “I understand not being picked before Roman Reigns or John Cena or Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins because those guys have been the figureheads of WWE for several years now. And I even understand not being picked above Charlotte who was Women’s Champion at the time and has been the face of the Women’s Division. And even Finn Balor,” He said, “Because he was coming up from NXT and he’s a big deal. But being picked as late as I was is kind of a slap in the face to be honest. But I’ll use that as motivation to show everybody why I should be the face of Raw actually.”

Owens has had some big matches in WWE and always adds color to the show when the spotlight is on him. He has shown excellence whether he’s cutting promos, joining the broadcast table, or working a match. However, his mid-tier standing is something he has certainly noticed.

“I definitely am ready for a main event,” He said, “I’m very conscious of the fact that I have yet to main event a pay-per-view and I’m not gunna lie when I say that bothers me. So I’m gunna do everything I can to make sure I get to do that this year for sure.”

Owens would then comment about his side-piece angle with Michael Cole and how that will be affected with the announce table being moved away from the ring.

“I’m just gunna have to yell louder I guess,” Owens said.

Owens may not fit the typical aesthetic model for a WWE main event superstar, but his ability to perform is beyond question. His in-ring work, mic work and character are all well developed and unfailingly entertaining. But an unfortunate reality is that he may not be given a push based on these attributes alone. It may be the case that the WWE wouldn’t make a rotund¬†hella¬†performer like Owens the face of the show.

Owens best bet might be to make like Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose and get over with the audience to such a degree that there is no choice but to give him the main event.

Only problem with that approach is it tends to work better for baby faces. And Owens is just too great a heel that turning baby face would do more to hurt any attempt to win a world title petition from the fans.

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