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Kharma Talks About a WWE Return and More

– Kharma recently appeared on the Future Endeavors podcast and talked about a WWE return.

She said she is ready to make a WWE return and believes “all parties” are in “gorilla”, meaning a return to WWE could be happening soon. Kharma encouraged fans to keep bringing Kharma fan signs and writing to WWE because unlike TNA, WWE listens to their fans.

Regarding the new, slimmer look that she recently debuted, Kharma said she’s working on re-inventing herself. She’s looking to drop a bit more weight and have more definition in her physique. She has been using DDP Yoga to drop weight.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I think Kharma should come back to the WWE. Because bringing her back will be a huge improvement.

  • Daniel Jones

    AJ vs Kharma at Wrestlemania XXX for the Divas title would be great to see. Make it happen WWE!

  • Edynol

    Yes! I really want Kharma to return. I was so looking forward to a strong female wrestler to bring some more legitimacy to the Divas Division. With Beth and Eve gone, AJ and Natalya have been carrying most of the weight lately and Kharma could really help carry that load. I mean, I always enjoyed women wrestlers who could legitimately compete with male wrestler the most. Like China, for example.

    I also think she should return as a heel and team with AJ. Because in case yall don’t remember, the Bellas were really nasty to her during her departing promo last year and it would make the most sense for her to come back surprise everyone by running to the ring and beating them both up.

    • Chelsii?

      That was over 2 years ago that she announced she was pregnant.

      • Edynol

        Yeah I know. But it seems like yesterday.

        • Chelsii?

          Time flies by.

  • Shell

    AJ, Paige, Kaitlyn, and Kharma. That’s already a good enough Divas Division.

    • Guest

      Don’t forget about Natalya

  • John Cena 2004

    Kharma would destroy the Total Divas lol

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