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Kharma Wrestles, Vince’s Latest WWE On-screen Couple, Ryback on a DVD Cover

– The former Kharma, back to using the name Amazing Kong, returned to the ring at last night’s SHINE 5 internet pay-per-view. She teamed with former WWE Diva Jazz to defeat Rain and Mercedes Martinez.

– Ryback, John Cena and CM Punk are featured on the cover of the 2012 WWE Survivor Series DVD and Blu-ray. It’s scheduled to hit stores on December 18th:

survivor series cover

– We’ve noted how WWE officials are working towards putting Rosa Mendes with Alberto Del Rio. That’s reportedly an idea Vince McMahon came up with.

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  • stone cold hates lisa.

    badass cover

  • Mick

    The Rosa thing is a good idea, it gives Del Rio something fresh to make him last as the new year approaches. He could blow a lot of money on her, and create dissension between her and Ricardo, leading to a future split, with Ricardo either going face as Ricardo Rodriguez, or disappearing, and bringing El Local into the main roster TV.

  • Zack

    Alberto Del Rio is more Million Dollar Man than Ted DiBiase Jr for better or worse. They could use that to his advantage. Make Rosa his gold digging girlfriend and they can become this greedy power couple hungry for control over the “inferior” WWE roster as they see it. Much more interesting than the typical WWE romance we tend to see every week.

  • Brody Lawrence

    Meh, it still won’t make me any more interested in DelRio. Rosa might get a better push out of it then being buried with those other 2.

    Also, congratulations on Awesome/Amazing Kong/Kharma for returning to action. Glad to hear she’s doing better. Hopefully she’ll be happy whereever she decides to compete.


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