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Kidd Wrestles Again, Bo and Sami Team Up, Orton on Goldust, Raven

– ECW Original Raven turns 49 years old today.

– Randy Orton tweeted about his match against Goldust on Monday’s RAW:

“Cody’s big brother wants to come to the rescue, but after I beat @Dustin_rhodes1 aka Goldust on #Raw I’ll have Shattered any and all Dreams”

– Tyson Kidd wrestled his second match since January at last night’s WWE live event in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He defeated Drew McIntyre with a neckbreaker from the top rope. The match was described as a “dud.”

– NXT stars Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas also worked last night’s live event in East Rutherford. They teamed up and defeated Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger when Bo pinned Cesaro.

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  • jcice13

    my boy scotty the body, on espn classics they’re showing the old GWF and raven is there and he’s pretty damn funny on the mic when he’s at ringside during a match

    so now they’re BRINGING in guys from the minors to beat swagger and antonio??? I don’t care how good bo and sami are when you have 2 guys like we the people and you have them look at the lights to 2 guys no one in the crowd has heard of? that’s pretty damn bad, at least I would understand it better if they did it on say a smackdown and won by a fluke

    • Hawkins

      if you watch NXT (which in my opinion needs to B shown everywhere not just Europe and some places in the states) its a feud between Sami Zayn, Bo, and The Real Americans goin on and i Bet that crowd was chanting OLE the whole time Sami was out there…people know Sami Zayn and so what if The Real Americans got Beat By Bo And Sami…it was a live event…it really doesnt matter…if anything it was showcasing the NXT champion and their Breakout star….

      • Chelsii?


        • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

          Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole. Those chants won’t be as hot as it is for Generico cause they know that chant is for him and not Los Matadores, they’re basically trying to take Generico/Zayn’s popularity with the fans and trying to get fans to get Los Matadores over fast. It won’t work, but “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole.” will still give them some sort of boost. Cause WWE apparently wants the “Ole” chants to go to Los Matadores or whatever their name is. (Both talented btw) But it’ll still be over, but they’ll probably chant Sami Zayn! Or El Generico when you see those two debut. But yeah, it won’t work fully cause the fans knows “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole. ” Belongs to Generico. And will still chant that to him no matter what.

        • tom


          • Chelsii?

            Do you have anything intelligent to say, like ever?

      • jcice13

        I’d bet they weren’t for the reason you put it your comment, NXT is only shown in a select few places in the states and the majority or fans had no idea who bo and sami were. like I said if they want to give those guys a real boost have them win the match on TV

        • Hawkins

          But like i said if the people living under a rock dont know Bo or Sami….showcasing them like they did and the people that already know them will probably intrigue the people who doesnt really know them and want to find out more…via interwebs…so idk what the problem is….and last thing i heard is they are shopping for a channel for NXT…i hope its a channel a lot of people watch…

          • jcice13

            well the living under a rock is a bit harsh and I’ll tell you why, since the WWE is geared toward younger crowds they don’t know a thing about NXT and if the fans are under the age of having a license then a parent has to bring them to a live show,and they don’t know about NXT I’ll bet well over 50% of the crowd had zero idea who those 2 guys were who beat we the people. as for NXT getting a channel where it accessible to a vast majority I couldn’t agree more but fortunately there’s the internet and we can see every show

          • KO Kid! Kassius OooohNooo!

            Not really. Nearly the whole crowd knew who Sami Zayn was, they were red hot and cheering for him all night and when he was losing and or making a come back they started chanting his name and the chants he’s well know for “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole. Ole. ” So yeah, 50% of the crowd there not knowing who he was isn’t true at all.

          • jcice13

            then I stand corrected, got to say I am shocked that so many people knew who he was

          • Rg41982

            Nxt is on hulu and its great. Watch it every wed and I’m from philly.

    • Black Widow

      It is quite normal actually to have NXT star to defeat the WWE main star in Live Event… 😉

  • Devon

    Bo Dallas fuckin sucks

  • tt2000

    Bo! Bo! Bo!

  • Rahul

    Bo pinning Cesaro is injustice.

  • Lucas Amato

    what its mean “the match was described as a dud..” dud?? its that good or bad..?? (Im from Argentina.. i dont know that expression.)

    • Bork Lazer Living Legend

      It’s bad.

  • Shell

    Saw Sami Zyan, Bo Dallas, and Tyson Kidd perform at Barclay Center today. Sami received a massive pop, and a loud ”Ole!” chant broke out. Tyson Kidd did a spectacular job against Drew McIntyre. Bo Dallas did fairly well, he actually pulled off from great reversals.

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