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Kofi Kingston Discusses Locker Room Competition, New Talent, Being A Veteran

Kofi Kingston recently did an interview with ChannelGuideMag.com.

During the interview Kingston talked about the inherent competition in the WWE locker room among fellow wrestlers.

“The majority of us on the WWE roster are very competitive,” He said, “For the SmackDown brand to be live, which it hasn’t been for a while regularly, the guys on that show see it as a chance to dethrone Raw as the flagship show. So us on the Raw side, we see this as a chance to keep up with ourselves and prove ourselves. We don’t want to relinquish the throne. So it’s instant competition with the brand extensions.”

He reflected on the idea, “That has been kind of missing within WWE over the past few years. There is no competition,” Kingston said, “Now with Raw and SmackDown, we have created a competition within ourselves. It really provides for an amazing product because we want to be the best on the Raw side, and they want to be the best on the SmackDown side. It provides for a great time for the WWE Universe. It’s been awesome so far. Raw has changed its look with a new set. It’s weird now seeing the announce table out of the arena and by the ramp. There are these little things that when you look at each show it has a different feel, and that’s good.”

The talent pool in WWE has been filling out and getting stacked as of late. The combination of competitive motivation, and a wealth of healthy talent, protracts the potential of the product quality. This is something Kingston has already noticed and is excited about.

Everyone is delivering,” He said. “Enzo and Cass, we’ve wanted to mix it up with them for a long time. They are guys who engage the crowd. They know that is an important part of being a WWE superstar and to last in the company. They are very good on the mic. We look at ourselves the same way.”

He continued, “So it’s good competition to see who the big dog in the park is. Apollo Crews has been doing great, an athletic phenomenon. Even the Vaudevillians are doing different things. Finn Bálor’s arrival, obviously, has been a long time coming,” He said, “Everyone was wondering when he was going to debut and now he is on Raw doing amazing. He is going to be competing for his first major championship on the main roster at SummerSlam. These guys have trained really hard in NXT and are being thrown into the fire to be ready. We will see if Finn can get by Seth Rollins. I think he is going to do just fine.”

Kingston found himself reminiscing about his own 10 years and running career. He loves what he’s doing now and where he’s going but the whole journey has been important.

“When I won the Intercontinental championship for the first time, that was an awesome moment,” Kingston said. “I was in the ring with Chris Jericho, someone I grew up watching. You had Shawn Michaels involved in the match, who was also a wrestling hero.”

He recounted more, “Money In The Bank, I had a lot of standout moments. That’s a match very hard to top every year. The bar is always raised, so for me to go in and do things that have never been done before, I take pride in that. I also take pride in the Royal Rumble stuff in preventing my elimination,” He said, “Then with New Day, it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in my career. It all feels natural going out there and being myself and having that mic time and being able to mess with the crowd. We are selling all kinds of merchandise, which is ridiculous.”

Kingston concluded, “I just think I’m very fortunate to have a long career. I’m getting a lot of people coming up to me to say they used to watch me growing up. I think I might be a veteran now,” He said, “It’s insane. I’m very fortunate to be here for so long because I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I still feel fortunate to be in this position.”

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