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Kofi Match Gets Physical and Goes Long, WWE Main Event and SMS Ratings News

– The Intercontinental Title match between Kofi Kingston and The Miz at last night’s Main Event tapings received rave reviews from fans in attendance. Apparently the match went almost 20 minutes and got very physical. As a reminder, the other match for tonight’s episode of Main Event will see Dolph Ziggler take on Zack Ryder.

Kofi Kingston hyped the match on Twitter:

“The night belongs to the boom squad! Regardless of what you know, trust me, you don’t want to miss this match. #MainEvent. Wed @ 8 on ion.”

– The October 6th episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam with Rey Mysterio vs. Michael McGillicutty averaged 1.24 million viewers. This is up from the 1.13 million viewers who tuned in for the debut episode on August 25th.

– The October 10th episode of WWE Main Event with Randy Orton vs. Big Show and Michael McGillicutty vs. Kofi Kingston averaged 1.33 million viewers, down just a bit from the debut episode which averaged 1.40 million viewers. That show did a 0.9 rating.

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  • Mayback


  • Kayfabe fan

    Perfect Jr = ratings

  • Tyler Davis

    Kofi can go for long matches. i remember he had a match with Wade after Survivor Series this past year that went long, and it was a really good match.

  • Rybork

    Kofi deserves a main event push! If you think he is not ‘material’ enough, go check his feud with Orton in 2009, specially the match at Survivor Series 2009, he most definitely can have one run in the main event, whether as a more intense face or a heel.

  • Will

    Kofi deserves a big push. This guy has talent.

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