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Konnan Comments on Supposed “Heat” with CM Punk, Sunny’s Cancer, TNA Buyout & More

Former WCW Wrestler Konnan made a guest appearance on the Asked w/Riv Landin podcast. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

* When asked whether or not he has heat with CM Punk. Konnan mentioned that he’s never had a problem with Punk personally and said the reports of him having a big ego are all second hand.

* Konnan was asked about Sunny’s cancer fund raiser, and stated that he doubts Sunny is even being truthful about having cancer because she is a known liar.

* In regards to TNA possibly being put up for sale, Konnan said he’s not surprised and he hopes Jeff Jarrett is the buyer.

* Konnan said that Curtis Axel is boring and referred to as “wonder bread.” He stated Axel needs to watch his father’s old films and get a charisma transplant.

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  • Rahul

    “Charisma transplant” BRILLIANT. HAHA!

  • Devon

    Everything he said is 100% truth

  • Rotnerd

    Wait so we now believe konan? No

  • Panama Stallion

    Konnan isn’t a “has-been”. He is a “never was”. He talks about charisma transplant without realizing that between himself, Sean Waltman aka Syxx aka X-Pac and Scott “Big Poppa Pump” Steiner they couldn’t donate even a thimble-sized amount of charisma. Three guys who had no verbal skills were LUCKY to have been the recipients of Ted Turner’s blindness and complete lack of knowledge when it came to hiring and paying talent. People talk about Bischoff, Hogan and Nash bankrupting WCW when it was the overpaid contracts of guys who wouldn’t draw in a SINGLE viewer into the WCW brand that was just as responsble for the downfall. I’d rather watch ten Joe Hennig (Curtis Axel) matches than a single Konnan match. The fact that he even mentions CM Punk (BEST IN THE WORLD!!!) And then says “my info on him is second-hand” shows that he is just trying to stay in a distorted limelight he believes he belongs. Truth be told, I am grateful to Sean Waltman because if it weren’t for him, the world wouldn’t have been able to get the catalyst/seed for “One Night in Chyna.” Konnan just needs to go away and do ANYTHING else.

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