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Kurt Angle Comments On WWE Rumors

As noted, Kurt Angle was interviewed by Mark Madden on his podcast on Monday morning and during the interview, Angle said that he talked to Triple H about 6 weeks ago. Angle also noted that he believes he will return to WWE in the future but did not know when. However, WWE officials have confirmed that Angle is not returning to the company, according to Dave Meltzer.

Angle addressed the rumors via his Facebook page. Here is what he wrote:

In response to some of your questions today regarding the WWE, and all of the media fanfare about it the last few days, I want to, once again, say that our confidential conversation never discussed the brand split. A few wrestling sites seem to have put a spin on this by twisting some words around to fit their agenda, something that I have no control over. What I CAN control is my own life, and my life isn’t only wrestling. I do not expect to be in wrestling much longer. I AM excited about my future. Thank you.

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