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Kurt Angle Update, Tonight’s Impact Wrestling, Attendance

– Tonight’s Impact Wrestling will feature AJ Styles coming face to face with Dixie Carter, Manik vs. Jeff Hardy, ODB vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Title and more.

– The September 12th Impact Wrestling tapings from St. Louis had about 2,000 people in the arena with about 1,300 paid. The September 13th live event in Joplin, Missouri drew 800 fans.

– No word yet on when Kurt Angle will be returning to TNA TV but it should be soon since he’s possibly wrestling at Bound For Glory and will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • PlanoStu

    Hoe funny that Angle is getting inducted, inebriated, and possibly indicted. Poor, poor Dixie

  • SdotC

    Yes, so let’s rush him back for a PPV that isn’t going to draw any money and a pointless Hall of Fame that makes WWE’s look like Cooperstown, and which will give him a huge trigger to relapse. Gotta love the rasslin’ business

    • TrollNonstopAction

      He’s been let go from rehab a few weeks ago. If he’s ok, why shouldn’t they bring him back for the HoF, which he has already been announced for before the arrest?

      • SdotC

        You obviously don’t know how addiction works. Everything is a trigger– the travel, being around the boys, it being a celebration… all those things tell the addict “I can have just one drink because of _____”. That’s how it works. Do you really think that being released from rehab means someone is recovered? Especially someone who’s been a mess for the better part of a decade? So what if it was announced before the arrest? Kurt is going to say he’s fine no matter how big of a lie that is, and he’s putting himself in a position that is tailor-made for relapse. When you overcome an addiction and truly beat it, you have to relearn all of your behavior, because you’re an addict for life and you always have to fight that voice, so you have to learn how to break every last little instance which might have led you to your DoC… and every wrestler I’ve ever heard talk about addiction says these are the things which prevent sobriety… gotta take a trip? I should have a drink. Gonna be around the boys? I should have a drink. A celebration honoring me? I should have a drink. And God forbid he gets back in the ring any time soon, he’ll be doubling his Rx intake (because trust me, he’s still on them). There’s no way Kurt is ready this soon, it just doesn’t happen that way. And like I said, the TNA “Hall of Fame” is hardly something worth the risk. Everyone knows it’s a farce, they’ve been around 11 years and they can’t even induct an actual full class.

        Like I said, you drastically misunderstand chemical addiction if you think that what’s in the reports implies Kurt is ready to face the very lifestyle that brought him to addiction in the first place. He can’t do it, no one could. Kurt is a legend and an honored Olympic champion. As a big fan and a man who respects what he’s accomplished, I want badly for him to get better. I don’t want pathological liar, drug addict, near-death Kurt Angle to come back. I want him to take as much time is necessary to bring Kurt back to what he could and used to be. If Kurt just jumps back into TNA in any capacity right now, he’s putting himself back on the path to self-destruction.

        • YoungAngryMan

          And you don’t know that nobody reads these damn long post of yours..

  • tim

    any pro wrestlin hall of fame s just plain stupid, wwe’s is incomplete until they add macho man & ultimate warrior. and any pro wrestling hall of fame that does not have sting or kurt angle in it is just useless

    • YoungAngryMan

      No. What’s stupid is a damn fan-boy who can’t let go of the fact that they’re not in it. As soon as you get over it, the better your life will be.

      • tim

        a wrestling hall of fame is a stupid idea to begin with, they should get awards like actors do

  • YoungAngryMan

    Poor angle. He just got out of rehab and now he has to be inducted into a third-rate company HOF hosted in someones bingo-hall…

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