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Kurt Angle Wrestling at BFG?, Update on TNA’s Future

– As noted, Kurt Angle will be returning for Bound For Glory weekend as he’s being inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame. At this point, Angle will be returning just for the Hall and isn’t scheduled to wrestle.

– There is a feeling within TNA that the company will survive in some form, if only because Spike TV won’t want to lose it. The Carter family would more than likely want to sell the company and get at least something out of it instead of shutting it down completely.

The big questions right now revolve around 2014 – who will own it, if the current or new owners will give it a facelift, who will remain on the roster, where TV shows will be taped and if they will continue to do live events.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Trey Doss

    tna still can survive just let eric handle the buisness side he already is a co owner of bischoff hervey productions and let jeff jarret handle the talent

  • Yes, Dixie wants to wash her hands of it now and let it be somebody elses problem.

  • Macho Man

    Unless you find a business man/woman with pro wrestling in their blood(such as VInce) it is going to fail. The reason the WWF/WWE has survived the test of time and has been the gold standard for pro wrestling is simple. It’s the McMahons family business. From Vince Sr. to Vince Jr. to Shane and Stephanie it is in they’re DNA. They put they’re heart and souls into EVERY aspect of it. They don’t just look at it as a cash cow. Sure it makes them LOTS of money but they put LOTS of money into it. People like Vince who have the knowledge, business savvy, love and passion for pro wrestling don’t grow on trees. So these other wrestling companies are doomed to fail because the people who know how to run a wrestling company don’t have the money to and the people who have the money to (The Carters) don’t have the knowledge to.

    • thorcules

      True in a sense but not completely. WCW did pretty well for itself and was a cash cow. Ted Turner’s business decisions is what led it to fall.

      • Macho Man

        WCW was “slightly” profitable before Ted Turner bought it. It was no where near as profitable as WWE was. When Turner came in he basically over paid to get almost all the guys VInce and WWF/WWE had created. That is when WCW became a cash cow. It took the guys that Vince created to create that cash cow. The credit I will give WCW managment is coming up with the nWo invasion story line. That helped in generating the cash, but again all the main guys in the nWo came from WWF/WWE. If Turner would of kept WCW it would of started to crumble as Hogan, Savage, Nash, Hall, Hart, Henning and all those guys started to reach the end of their careers.

  • YM5

    I’ve been saying somebody should present pro wrestling as a sports league, have a thirty minute show with one match 2-4 days a week with an hour show with 2-3 matches on a set day and have it be seasonal, basically resembling the NBA season then you could push certain wrestlers organically just by word of mouth the same way an NBA team can make a splash after being subpar for an extended period of time. Take the Pacers for example they were one of the worst teams in the league until just recently and only aficionados knew about them, the same thing could happen in wrestling. You sign a new talent, lets name him Chris Hawk, and Chris Hawk starts having 5 star caliber matches at live events before/after the TV march and then people start talking “hey I heard that Chris Hawk kid tore the house down with Robbie E last week” “hey Chris Hawk just had an epic with Magnus last night” Then when you start the next season after he’s been putting on show stealers in the indys and Japan the whole off season (like NBA players doing summer leagues) you start to feature him of TV the next season and he’s a huge star immediately. That’s the long term appeal but from the start it makes a very different impression that wrestling never does with stats(strikes landed, slams, time in control, kickouts, etc), records and standings and a season ending tournament for the championship it starts off with a more legitimate appearance and maybe the inclusion of some Strong Style wrestlers like Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, along with the likes of Samoa Joe to really push it as something actually dangerous and real and then reincorporate the Jeff Hardys and Ken Andersons of the world further along it could be huge. The only obstacle would be the fact they would have to produce 3-5 live events a week, securing the TV spot wouldn’t be that difficult as spike doesn’t really have programming but, using more adverts would also give a more legitimate appeal because every sport has sponsors all over the place at their games, overall I’m of the belief a wrestling company that took this approach could be huge very quickly as long as the content delivers

  • will

    I wonder if Dixie Carter threw a tantrum just to get daddy’s money to buy tna. She’s taken it downhill. I agree with macho man, the wrestling business HAS to be in your blood, or you have to at least have a great knowledge about. The McMahon family grew up with wrestling, it’s all they know. They live it, they breathe it, they bleed it and so on. Dixie probably just rolled around on the ground crying until daddy bought it. I’m not dissing tna, I believe the company has great potential, they certainly have talented wrestlers. Its just a matter of finding the right management for it.

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