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Lanny Poffo Displeased Dealing With Potential WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Lanny Poffo, the brother to the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage, recently spoke to PWTorch about his brother being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I gave them permission to do it without my permission. Just don’t invite me and don’t pay me. I don’t need their 30 pieces of silver to defy my brother’s wishes. Kayfabe Commentaries had my best interview regarding the reasons Randy had for this position.”

Poffo noted that his brother’s wishes were for Randy, Lanny, and his father Angelo Poffo, to all be inducted as a family into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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  • Abudadein

    That restless, attention deficit audience they have every year at the Hall of Fame — the first 10 rows filled with spoiled brat kids (Nick Hogan) and bored trophy girlfriends checking their phones — would be asleep from the moment Jerry Lawler started talking about Angelo and Lanny Poffo’s careers. It just doesn’t make sense for Angelo and Lanny Poffo to be inducted alongside Randy Savage at the WWE Hall of Fame. It would make far more sense for the three of them to be inducted together into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, NY, but not the WWE one in front of that audience you see ever year yawning their way through the inductions of Mil Mascaras, Antonio Inoki, and Eddie Graham.

  • Mike Smith

    I think Angelo may deserve the hall but no way in hell does Lanny deserve it. That’s a clear case of trying to use his brothers fame to further himself. Randy is for sure the biggest omission from the hall now that Bruno is in though.

    • stevewiser

      Those really were Macho Man’s wish on the situation. He even had the same demands when WCW inducted him into their Hall of Fame.

      As much as we all would love to see Mach inducted, I can’t imagine it would be easy for Lanny to defy his brothers wishes.

      I don’t see why WWE can’t get creative with it though. Induct Angelo with a group of outlaw promoters and then induct Lanny as part of some ‘best gimmick’ group or something, then at least technically the whole fam would be inducted.

      • Mike Smith

        I haven’t been able to find anything about him saying that. Do you have a link or anything to read about that?

        • stevewiser

          I don’t know that he said it publicly, but it’s common knowledge. Like I said he made the same demands with WCW except WCW caved and ended up inducting his father as well. There was a controversy about it because most people agree that Angelo Poffo, who was a very small promoter who operated outside the NWA, didn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame based on his own merits.

  • Devon

    Lanny was a cool character but Randy is one of the best performers & talkers of all time. He has done it all. He belongs in the hall. Not Lanny. Angelo maybe but Randy should have been in a long time ago

  • Mike Honcho

    There are less deserving people than Lanny Poffo in the HOF.

  • Andrew

    Macho man one of the best to ever wrestle!

  • Trey Doss

    i think lanny is doing this for the fans cause he know we want macho man in at least i hope so

  • Tannim

    They need to have a Jobbers Wing, then induct Lanny, Horowtiz, Lombardi, Sharpe, SD Jones, Conquistadors, Jim Powers, etc.

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