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Latest on Austin vs. Lesnar & CM Punk, Scalpers & WrestleMania 28 Tickets

- As noted before, WWE’s WrestleMania 28 has topped 43,500 tickets sold. A lot of these are scalpers. One secondary market,, had 7,000 tickets for sale as of yesterday and they’re not the only market. A lot of WrestleMania ticket sales so far have been advance sales with people buying them to sell later as opposed to true fan demand.

– People within WWE are openly talking about Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin. While Austin is not in the plans for WrestleMania 28, it’s said that he is open to wrestling CM Punk in the future if Punk is a top heel but his number one choice for a return match would be against Lesnar.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    I want Brock back full-time :( I miss him having squash matches against established stars for some reason…. though I still wish the MIB memory erase pen was real so I could forget him vs goldberg

  • Alejandro

    I rather see Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania 28. I like Brock Lesnar but I don’t see him wrestling Stone Cold Steve Austin because both of them don’t like putting over each other.

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