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Liev Schreiber to Play Chris Benoit In “Crossface” Movie

– reports that actor Liev Schreiber has been tapped to play Chris Benoit in a movie about the tragic double murder-suicide. The movie is titled Crossface and is written by Sarah Coulter.

The movie will reportedly cover Benoit’s life from the early days in his career through the final days of his life where he murdered his son and wife. Several WWE stars including Triple H and Vince McMahon will be portrayed.

Here is a photo of Schreiber:

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  • WHAT?


    No, just no.

    • YM5

      yeah hes 6’3 lol, thats really my only issue

  • Chelsii?

    Who’s going to play Kevin Sullivan? Oh wait, nobody because he wasn’t there.

    • matthew

      im sure sullivan worked on the script or was movie advisor

    • Enough is enough about you believing the police and stuff about Benoit already, just let it go. Me and several others will never believe a thing the corrupt minds of law enforcement ever, look at what happened to me, just cause i have long hair and had only bought a soda from the store they questioned me and tried to take me in for custody? Shows how corrupt law enforcement are. And oh, let’s not forget when THEY went back and fourth on what really happen to Benoit and what took place. Like i said before, and several wrestlers who aren’t wrestling anymore and news reporters and doctors have said the investigations weren’t proper enough at all, the text that Benoit so called sent to Chavo and probably others telling them his home address who already knew his house address doesn’t make any sense cause they were sent after he already died, the wikipedia announcement about his wife being dead hours before her time of death that was so called “Coincidence”, Benoit and his family all having been drugged to the point of them being weakened and Dave Taylor being caught on the scene and lied about it and the suicide note that could’ve been fake and the bibles that were placed next to his wife and kids body yet not on him didn’t make sense at all, that were probably faked by the real murderers and oh, let’s not forget the gloves that were found that THEY probably thought were used by Benoit and completely just ignored it how they never even bothered testing for fingerprints too pointing at Benoit and oh the bullshi* back and fourth that they the police told everyone even saying that Benoit used the Cross-face to kill his son, then completely changed it around and about what really happened, the alcohol that weren’t in any of their bodies yet were on the scene emptied and everything. They the law enforcers just went with the flow without investigating through enough. Just cause of what? Brain damage? When how could he make flights to arena’s and perform all of his moves correctly? And remember the words in the script? Exactly. And when he went to the doctors on friday and everyone said he seemed normal and greeted and signed autographs and took pictures with everyone? And oh, how he and his family was being followed by someone and no one believed him at all no matter who he told they thought he was paranoid and no one believed him besides his wife and that he had to take different routes to his home, to his flights and everything. And even bought guard dogs to protect his family? And oh yeah, how he got a phone call from Chavo Guerrero and that the call lasted very long till Chris heard someone knocking on the door and that he told Chavo to hold on, then their was a loud scuffle at the door before the phone line got cut off and Chavo couldn’t reached Benoit for hours till finally he called him on his cell phone and sounded sounded very odd, groggy, tired, and sounded like he was being forced to talk to Chavo and presumedly said i love you to him? Which he never even said before at all. And oh, Chavo said Chris seemed worried about something and couldn’t get him to tell him what’s wrong. Benoit probably thought that Chavo wouldn’t believe him and would’ve thought he was paranoid too like everyone else besides his wife and oh, those aren’t evidence at all to the police right? How about satanics waiting years before taking their revenge? To give them more power for their church. Right, cause no one believe those stuff cause of being “atheist.” Steroids? That weren’t even injected into his body at all? So Benoit deserves a better investigation and the case need to be re open without bullshi* stories from the cops and the corrupt minds of the world we live in that is the law. I said it before and i’ll say again, i’ll never ever believe in any of this at all. And Benoit deserves much better treatment from this, anyone can thumb down all they want, i hardly really care, i’ll standby my words and standby them till the end, till everything is correctly investigated. Just like how various news reporters and doctors have said exactly what i just wrote here. I’ll be copying this to the other article too cause theres no point in me having to write or add more to this. Have a good day now.

      • Chelsii?

        Yet, I doubt you could give me a link to any of that.

        • Google is your friend, this is exactly what you replied to me before too, asking me for proof with your reply here about links and your other reply about proof and then laughing about it since i myself wasn’t at the crime scene. Besides, even if i did go back and look for all of those links, i doubt you will ever believe anything that’s written by everyone including doctors, Chavo, and news reporters about it. Let it go already, and just stop replying to me or anyone when it comes to Benoit articles if your going to keep asking for proof, not respect our thoughts about him, hell even Jericho and Perry Saturn who either currently worked for WWE or still has something to do with WWE even remember Benoit still. And acknowledge his anniversary of the day he died just like me and everyone else who respect Benoit and they actually remember and paid their respects on twitter by posting pictures of themselves with him and remembering him. So i don’t know why you keep on doing what you’ve been doing whenever it comes to articles about him or anything. Since it’s already troublesome half the time to even talk to people on here without causing a scene or giving out negativity from everyone who strongly disagrees with everything you try to say or do on here. However, i actually took the time to actually look up the history books about it before i actually comment. And i’m not no lying troll and i have no reasons to lie about researching any of these stuff, those who know me personally and those who follows me here on WNZ respectfully knows i’m not that type of person, and that i have vast knowledge about wrestling, and about everything i say or do before i actually leave a comment about anything. So you expect me to actually provide you 10,000 links right? Instead of me going back and researching everything to provide you a link, why not you actually try to search? Since you always reply to me and everyone else who actually respect Benoit in everyway possible and actually gaved our thoughts, prayers and gives our thoughts about Benoit and how he needed a real investigation instead of the bullshi* investigation that we supposedly got. Either way, i’ll standby my words on this and will standby it no matter what till the end. Theres 2 sides to the story here, you either believe the corrupt minds of the police who like i said before almost took me into custody for no apparent reasons WITHOUT any evidence as to what they said i did and the corrupt minds of the law, police and the government who never throughly investigated properly and left out many many things and just followed the steroids that they found that weren’t even injected in his body and the history of Benoit’s concussions and just wanted a paycheck and kept going back and fourth about what really happened or you could believe Benoit’s friend’s, history in wrestling, how much he actually loved wrestling and family in interviews, medias and everything. Including the fan’s who met and greeted him on occasions even on the day that he died. Instead of asking me for links, why not look it up yourself since you always comment on Benoit related articles about whatever you have to say about him and reply to the people who actually don’t believe anything law enforcement has to say. All we are actually saying is give him a proper investigation. Because he deserves it and even if what they said he did was true which i doubt it is because they A didn’t investigated properly, B kept going back and fourth on what really happened. C never even try to look for suspects even though they were tons of suspiscious things that went on at Benoit home ie the white car arriving and leaving his house, Dave Taylor being spotted there and several other things that pointed out to murder. So he should be acknowledge as a person for everything he’s done for the wrestling business, as being erased and forgotten is stupid and dumb. Why not go back and watch youtube videos about the police and how they went back and fourth on what happened and then you can go google everything i just said, then you’ll actually have your answers about everything i’ve just said. Have a good day now, hopefully you’ll actually bother to research everything before you actually reply to anyone who actually care about Benoit, his history in wrestling, who he is and everything he’s done for wrestling. I’ll standby everything i just said, and always will no matter what–good day now.

          • Chelsii?

            I’ve done plenty of googling in the past and there is no solid evidence that I came across that Sullivan is a satanist, a murderer or anything else or that Benoit didn’t kill his family. There’s no reference to Taylor being caught at the scene, there’s nothing. He killed his family and took his own life like a btch, deal with it. He’s scum.

          • How could you’ve done googling yet not find anything related to what i just said? Sullivan is a satanist so i have no idea why you just said you didn’t came across any of those things i’ve mention, especially the Sullivan being a satanist, cause A it’s very well documented that Sullivan is a real life satanist and wasn’t just a gimmick he used in WCW. Dusty Rhodes who worked with Sullivan before even said it himself that he danced with the devil when he worked with Sullivan, and several other wrestlers have said it before too that he’s a high ranking member of a satanist church otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to say he’ll kill Chris Benoit one day. If you hear Sullivan trying to clear that shi* up it’s fake, he doesn’t want anyone to really know who he really is, because of how much hate he’ll be getting from it. And there is reference to Taylor being at the scene, i don’t know what you researched probably old a** news from the cops or whatever but the research me and everyone else did said so that Taylor was at the scene but lied about it and several wrestlers said it themselves that Taylor wasn’t even at that show at all on that day. Which he said he was. You could believe the police, the corruption of law enforcement and everything that involves the law all you want, but i for one and mainly others will never believe that bullshi* that the police tried to pull out, even going back and fourth hundreds of times about what really happen just cause of Roids and Brain damage, even changing the caused of death 10,000 times and ignored everything else that was there at the scene that doesn’t even make any sense. Even where Chris supposedly sent text after he had already died. I respect everything Benoit done for the wrestling business and he deserves to be remembered and deserves a proper investigation without bullshi*. You wanna call him a bitc* go right ahead and say or do whatever you want, you could keep on believing the bullshi* from police that didn’t even investigate fully, nor properly enough. They just went with whatever just cause of Roids and brain damage? Even though he could wrestle without hurting anyone, cut promos and remember his lines and book flights and everything too. And that they just ignored everything and just followed whatever and just dropped the case as a whole after changing whatever they say 10,000 times. Like me and news reporters, doctors, former wrestlers and several others have said before. The investigation wasn’t proper and wasn’t throughly investigated enough. And should’ve been investigated more throughly and in a proper way as will without the police bullshi*ing and constantly changing what happens 10,000 times. So you can keep on replying to me and everyone whenever theres a Benoit article as you’re only wasting your time doing so, i actually respect Benoit and know for a fact how much he has given to wrestling and ain’t erasing him from my memories or anything at all. He loved wrestling and his family more then anything, if you research through and watch, read and listen to every interviews from Benoit, his friends and everything you would know how much he really do. So you could call him all the names you want and it’s your own opinion, you could piss on him and do anything you want, but me, and everyone else who followed Benoit and is a wrestling fan will never forget him and will continue to respect him till the end, no matter what happens i’ll standby every single word i’ve written about him and every single match, highlights, interviews that showed how much he loved wrestling and his family. So yeah i’m not going to change my mind on anything i’ve said so far. Good day and i hope you’ll actually research more or just not write about Benoit and just ignore any articles involving him or reply to me or anyone about it if you keep on disrespecting him nonstop over something such as this. And you just let it go already about whatever you’ve against me and everyone else writing our thoughts, and respect for Benoit whenever theres a article about him; Hope you have a good day. And just let whatever you’ve against me or anyone else who writes about Benoit our thoughts and feelings about him whenever theres a article about him go.

  • D.M.T

    I remember how I felt 6 years ago when I heard that Chris Benoit killed his family and himself. I’m not going into details but it was sad.

    I honestly don’t want to watch this movie because I just wanna remember him for what he did in his wrestling career

    • Darsow44

      It was sad?
      Well that’s a new, unique new perspective on the tragedy.

      • D.M.T

        People always say I start arguments but here you are starting shít with me. Are you trying to be funny? Because you’re not. Just fúck off will ya? Thank you

        • Scott Davies

          @Darsow44 I was sad by the whole thing. Think a family got killed & Chris Benoit has a hof career & threw it all away. Yes I find that very sad as that so many moments involve Chris Benoit. He at the time was my Favourite wrestler & bet I can say I am not the only one here to say that. What is sad millions of people all over the world looked up to Chris Benoit as a role model which is what a WWE superstar is. As much as CM Punk claims to not be. If your Hero &/or role model was to die or do something tragic what would you do? He left a lot of people questioning how to get our heads around it. I bet you ask a wrestler who knew Chris would say the same thing. Do I think it is sad hell yeah. If you don’t you are just a thoughtless person who never learnt that other people might of been big time fans of his

          • D.M.T

            You sent this to the wrong person dude…

  • viper 74

    A movie about Chris Benoit I think it will be a good one but it should be more of a biography of the life. Also still say that the WWE taking any role in this tragedity is ludicrous. I am not saying the WWE told him to do this but the should not try to make him vanish. I believe that the other wrestling companies should also take some role too. Those companies are Old WCW NWA etc. That move he did ramming his head into the mat or getting hit by a steel chair , ring post and all head shot in the rouse of making that company money. Gee it is funny how the WWE and TNA are so concussion aware these days. I can’t help to wonder why.
    One last note I think the police had tunnel vision to the murder and suicide as well. There is no voice mail of Chris stating a thing just random texts messages and presumption what happened. It is easy for someone else to stage a scene and make it look as if he did it.

    Just food for thought.

    • Chelsii?

      Your food tastes awful, it poisoned my brain.

  • xtremeattitude

    deniro for vince!
    thor for hhh!

  • Me

    Kevin Weisman should play Benoit.

  • Looks like Davey Richards when he smiles. lol

  • He probably does need to tone down his style abit. Maybe do less aggressive looking moves. I can see him keeping his finisher the DR driver II since at several points Seth Rollins even in FCW on tv has used God’s Last Gift as his finisher before changing it to the black out, so i can see Davey getting to keep that as his finisher. I’ll be damn if the 14:59 or the Sharp Shooter be his finisher lol but i don’t see him getting to ever use his high impact combination moves from the top rope. I do see him keeping his “Hammer Of The Gods/Go To Sleep II/ Alarm Clock as his signature, no way that’ll be his finisher. I don’t really know about Edwards though. Maybe they’ll actually come in as a tag team, and that’s a maybe there. Would be sweet though.

  • Yeah they need to just realize things and stop believing whatever they’re told, it’s not really the truth, especially when it comes to the police, the law, and money hungry people. I wish people would actually just realize that we aren’t in the same world we used to be in, were in a world full of lies, gangs, the law and corruption now. Probably just like the Illuminati as you said.

  • Yeah i hope they come in as a tag team too, they need more tag teams in NXT instead of mashing people up. As of right now, i believe theres only 2 or 3 tag teams in NXT? Graves and Pac, those 2 country men who carries JR’s bbq sauce with them and Enzo Amores and Collin Cassidy? So they really need The Wolves and The Briscoes, otherwise you’ll see them going nowhere as a team ie Pac and Graves without any real tag teams to face them. Unless they bring some main rosters tag teams to face them of course. Hopefully Jay can keep his mouth shut on twitter and we can see them helping rebuilt the tag team division then.

  • Yeah it is insane what some people believe in these days, don’t know why too. When theres facts about Benoit too that the police just ignore and went with their stupid so called facts and evidence that they changed 24/7. Benoit is a legend and he’ll forever be in my mind as a wrestling fan about what he has done for everyone in that ring and how much he really loved his family and wrestling. He has said it multiple times too that he love spending time with his family and he doesn’t really mind if he loses in wrestling without a reason as long as he get’s to wrestle, and all he really care about was his family and how much he truly loved them. it’s hard to even believe in anything these days since it’s full of corruption, there was even a video where the cops tazed a girl and guy just cause they were arguing in their own house about something, even though nothing physical happen and no threats were made, just a normal argument about stuff even without a warrant to enter the house too. I believe it was on Lo-Ki twitter where he took subject on the matter too.

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