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Lilian Garcia Speaks To WWE For The First Time Since Being Struck By A Car

Lilian Garcia spoke to for the first time since her accident Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, California to clear up rumors concerning the matter.

The WWE ring announcer and songstress tells the website she was hit by an SUV while working out, and was not in a vehicle. She says it’s “the most frightening thing” she ever went through.

“I’m suffering from head, neck and back trauma,” Garcia said. “I have lacerations and wounds on the left side of my body.”

Garcia remains under close medical care since being released from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and as seen in her Tout message Tuesday, is currently wearing a neck brace.

Garcia says she’s feeling better, but is on pain medication. She will undergo further testing next week when the swelling of her injuries wears down. She remains unsure when she will return to WWE, but is eager to get back.

“Hopefully I’m on the road to recovery,” she said. “I can’t stand sitting here and doing nothing. I miss being on the road for WWE and the fans. I just can’t wait to get back.”

Finally, Garcia wanted to thanks fans for their support through this difficult time.

“Thank you. The most amazing fans in the world are WWE fans,” she said. “Thank you for the outpouring of love, well wishes and the support.”

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  • Superporky

    Struck by a car, not Stuck. Get well soon

  • Y2J

    Hope she makes a full recovery and is back soon.

  • Brody Lawrence

    We love & miss you too Lilian. Get well & come back soon. And sorry I’ve misspelled your name until now. 😉

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