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Linda McMahon Loses Connecticut Senate Race Again

Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy is the projected winner against Linda McMahon in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race, according to The Associated Press and NBC News.

The Associated Press called the race for Murphy just 30 minutes after the polls closed, as he was leading 54% to 45%.

The former WWE CEO spent $50 million of her personal fortune in her failed 2010 campaign against Richard Blumenthal, and is believed to have spent $42 million against Murphy. Between both campaigns, McMahon has now spent a cumulative total of over $90 million in pursuit of federal office. That is more than any other American in history.

An article on McMahon’s loss is available here.

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  • rob

    IWC Rejoice!!

  • Wonder


  • nightmare


  • Austin

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is the best news that I heard all day today

    P.S. Austin liked Vagina on Facebook

  • Lisa


  • Antony

    Nelson Muntz says HAHA!

  • Manny

    Every wrestling fan likes this

  • mafiadude

    Thank God

  • Christian

    thats awesome news
    hopefully vince will get his sense back and realise that his real investment should be in wrestling and not in his wife stupid ambitions

  • Real Deal

    Haw Haw!

  • RCmaster305

    THIS CALLS FOR A TOAST *holds glass to monitor*

  • matthew

    They should have used that money so they can change their name back to wwf

  • Snoopy

    My name is Abrahamm Washington and I approve this message.

  • Fuck Off

    I laughed when I first found out she lost.

  • Cornbread

    *plays Sandow’s theme*

  • RKO

    All I have to say is That Bitch got what she deserved! She Lost hahaha

  • yes yes yes

    wow she is really dumb… she will never win and that amount of money could of gone to something worth spending that kind of money on… maybe the wwe will get a little bit better. :)

  • wrestling crusader

    Linda McMahon losses again what a surprise NOT!!!! Vince needs to now realize his wife political future never will be. Tell her she is done bring back Attitude era to the WWE. Yes I agree he should have spent the money the money to bring back the WWF and tell the World Wild Life Fund that thier lettering is actually WWLF not WWF and they need to give the World Wrestling Federation the WWF letters. Also Vince here some advice after you do that you can take your company in a new direction. WWE parent company you make Raw WWF, Smackdown rename it WCW Revolution.Main Event rename it ECW Hard Core Heat.

  • CW1

    Happy Days are here again!

  • 2caras

    2 quote vinces’ theme no chance no chance on hell …………crooked politician

  • yes. yes. yes. now maaybe, just maybe, vince will grow balls and say fuck pg and go back to TV-14. then they can regain that $90million on ratings.


  • Z…..

    The Mcmahons spent almost $100 million of their own money hurting themselves. It directly led to the company losing a lot of its value, vince losing a lot of his own net worth, and the companys product getting to the point where it is literally unwatchable. Things have been better over this past year in terms of the actual product, but they have lost a lot of viewers, including myself, and until real change happens, that will continue. Now is the time to move forward. Now is the time to tell Linda to go fuck herself. Now is the time to turn this around b/c if things dont change, the entire wrestling business will be dead within 10 years. Take advantage of this! The kids you geared your product to over the past 5-6 years are now older. Now is your chance to do something you did when Attitude first came into the product after the family friendly programming you had before that. I’m not saying you have to do drastically crazy things to make all kids go away. I’m saying that now you have a chance to open up the product and have more room to work with. In doing so, the audience will expand, just as you wanted from this PG era (which by the way, you ended up losing people from doing that b/c all you have now is the kids) and you will add the adults to the kids you have. Have other shows geared towards kids if you want, but leave Monday Night Raw alone. Now is your chance. TAKE IT

  • Brody Lawrence

    Face it Mcmahons. Republicans can’t win in Connecticut. So enough with Be a Star, editing your DVDs, and all the other phony PR ploys and enough with the PG era. Get angry and return WWE to prominence without having to apologize about the Attitude Era. Bring back the edgier WWF/E we all remembered from years past. You’ll make that $90 million back in no time.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Ron Simmons walks in and says “DAMN!!!!!!!!”

  • The Original Jeff W.

    @wrestling crusader: Wildlife is one word.

  • Kayfabe

    Best . Article . Ever

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