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Linda McMahon Slammed Again Over WWE Wrestler Deaths

One angle that Linda McMahon’s political adversaries have hammered the U.S. Senate hopeful with is the sizable number of wrestlers who worked for WWE while she reigned as CEO to die prematurely. She is being called out again on the matter as a political action committee in support of her Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy, has released a video entitled “Job Killer.”

The Democratic Super PAC Progress Connecticut notes in the enclosed video, “Since 2002, at least 28 athletes who worked for Linda McMahon’s WWE died before reaching the age of 50 from suicide, drug overdose, heart attacks and other medical causes. Based on her record of achievement at the WWE she wants to represent Connecticut in the U.S. Senate.”

In particular, the group takes McMahon to task over the 2007 death of Chris Benoit. Enclosed is a clip noting the late wrestler’s dependency on “drugs, amphetamines, painkillers, steroids, and more.” A clip is then shown of Michael Benoit recalling a conversation he had questioning his son on his drug usage.

“His response to me at the time was, “Dad, if I want a job, I have to,” recalled Michael.

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In a challenge to WWE to have the video removed, Progress Connecticut stated, “Any attempt by WWE to coerce YouTube to take down this video for copyright infringement would be clear evidence of illegal coordination between the McMahon campaign and the WWE.”

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  • rob

    Finally Linda is getting fucked…

  • Alejandro

    It’s not Linda McMahon’s fault nor Vince McMahon’s fault that these wrestlers have died because of drugs, alcohol, suicide, heart ailments, etc. Wrestlers are responsible for their own lives and actions. The McMahons aren’t babysitters to these guys. They’re just there to give them their paychecks and tell them what to do in the ring. That’s all.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Linda should just accept that she’s likely not ever going to be elected because of her ties to WWE. As juvenile as it is for these rival politicians to base their attacks on their opponent’s past instead of her policies, she made her own bed and now she’s got to lie in it. The sooner she does that, the sooner we could get our real WWE back instead of this bastardized imitation we’ve been forced to watch for at least the last handful of years.

  • Aaron

    It is the new Democratic strategy to win an election! First by trying to pin a women’s death on Romney and now doing the same thing to Linda!

  • Chelsii.

    Regardless or not some random woman’s death is the fault of Mitt Romney. If he’s elected, he’ll have the deaths of 1,000,000 Iranians on his hands.


    I’m guessing Aaron isn’t Democrat

  • Striker9

    Alejandro, I see your point>>>BUT your wrong? WWE THRIVEs on running peoples lives IN and OUT of the ring. You are right that each man is responsable for his own actions but WWE expects their talents to do what THEY (WWE) wants them to do 24 hours aday. Look at some of the suspensions lately my friend. The actions these talents took were outside of work and yet they were still suspended WITHOUT violating ANY company policy.

  • matthew

    that vid has been flagged on youtube.

  • Real Kosher

    “Any attempt by WWE to coerce YouTube to take down this video for copyright infringement would be clear evidence of illegal coordination between the McMahon campaign and the WWE.”

    that makes no sense at all considering that this campaign is out right attacking Linda as well as WWE…so in that sense…yea…WWE has every right to claim copyright infringement…WWE keeps getting fucking mentioned! Quit mentioning WWE and WWE won’t try and claim copyright crap…stupid asses…aren’t these people supposed to be smart?

    fucking christ politics are so fucking stupid and dirty. I’m an american and american politics/politicians are scumbags…everyone is more worried about trashing and making their opp. look bad instead of just making themselves look damn good…

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Real Kosher That’s one hell of a rant… might’ve also been the truest and most sensible shit I’ve ever seen on this forum.

  • SDotC

    Why can’t people focus on the fucking politics?!?

    The political opposition is too focused on using the WWE as a means to expose Linda as unfit for office than her actual work in politics and aspirations for the future. And likewise, all the ignorant (yes, I’m calling you ignorant if this applies to you) WWE marks are bitching about how her campaign is ruining our precious TV show as if that’s even remotely as important, and every time I see some comment on YouTube saying “Don’t vote for Linda”, I ask what they don’t like about her campaign, and they answer “PG”… pathetic.

    For the record, I doubt she’d make much of a difference and I don’t get my hopes up for any politician until they’re in office– when it comes to voting I just try to guess who’s the lesser of two evils. If it was up to me, Ron Paul would be President. And yes, if it was up to me, there would be profanity and hardcore matches on WWE TV, but if you guys think that’s the problem, you’re idiots. The problem is the scripted promos, Hollywood writers, constant favoritism in the booking and failure to capitalize on the potential of the very few stars worth it, which is the other problem– most of these guys aren’t worth it. They’re the video game generation and they thought it would be cool to be wrestlers, they get complacent with those fat paychecks and that’s why so very few of these wrestlers have that passion and will to be the best that the guys before them had. They just show up to Raw, say “what are my lines, what are our spots, and what’s the finish?” and that’s why the show sucks. Look at the crowds– they still ERUPT for Stone Cold and the Rock, but they rarely do for Sheamus, Rey, etc. The PG rating is like #5 or 6 on the list of the biggest problems with WWE right now, and wrestling in general.

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