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WWE SmackDown Spoilers for October 26th, 2012

– Thanks to Rick for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Providence, Rhode Island:

Dark Match:

* Johnny Curtis defeated Sami Callihan

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

* SmackDown opens with Randy Orton cutting a promo on Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes out and they argue. Wade Barrett attacks Orton from behind and escapes. Teddy Long announces Barrett vs. Orton for tonight’s main event.

* Kane beat Cody Rhodes with Damien Sandow and Daniel Bryan on commentary.

* Backstage segment with Big Show and Booker T.

* The Miz defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

* Booker T has gathered Eve Torres, Aksana, Layla and Kaitlyn backstage. Aksana says Eve made her attack Kaitlyn. Teddy comes in and chimes in. Booker announces Eve vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn for Hell In a Cell and Eve & Aksana vs. Layla & Kaitlyn for tonight.

* Wade Barrett beat Randy Orton after distraction from Alberto Del Rio.

* John Cena addressing the AJ Lee controversy is announced for the Hell in a Cell Youtube pre-show.

* Backstage segment with Sheamus and Booker T.

* Damien Sandow beat Daniel Bryan with Kane and Cody Rhodes on commentary. There was a big brawl at ringside.

* Sheamus, Big Show and Josh Mathews do a face-off in the ring for Hell In a Cell. There are a dozen or so security guards around the ring. They cut promos on each other until Sheamus broke through security and attacked Show. Security got involved but Show and Sheamus cleared the ring. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick on Show but he escaped the ring and left up the ramp laughing. Sheamus hit a Brogue on one of the guards to end the show.

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  • awesome dude

    finally yoshi tatsu comes

    wade barret attacks orton randomly?

  • rob

    yoshi sighting

  • Fuck Off

    Wow. When was the last time Yoshi Tatsu was on TV?

  • ME

    Wow The Miz won? Awesome!

  • rob

    Barrett beats Orton is great but Cena gets the entire preshow to talk and no match? Another reason to say fuck you Cena

  • The Juice

    At the other commenters, Yoshi was on tv last month when Barrett returned. Remember?

  • matthew

    Seems like a really crappy show. Sick of lameamus.

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    More Yoshi, dammit. While we’re at it, put the fucking Usos back out there!

  • Richie

    Why put Sandow and Rhodes together when you have the Usos not doing anything! That was a dumb move! Bring the Usos back to the main roster and turn them heel, make Cody a main event heel already…and let Sandow chase the mid card titles for a bit to build him up some!

    And i know it doesnt really matter…but if you’re going to write the spoilers, may as well do it right!! What happened to the divas match? It says above that Booker made a divas tag match for tonight…but thats all! So what was the results of it?!

  • jayman

    Did the divas forget to wrestle their match?

  • Rybork

    Found the bla-JAPENESE GUY. Took long enough.

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