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WWE Super SmackDown Spoilers for November 6th, 2012

– Thanks to Phil for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from today’s tapings in Birmingham, England:

* Michael Cole and JBL are out for commentary. SmackDown opens with Cole in the ring and out comes Sheamus. They show the footage of Sheamus and William Regal in a local pub before Big Show attacked them. Sheamus calls Show out but he appears on the big screen. Wade Barrett comes out and taunts Sheamus.

* Backstage and Booker T makes Sheamus and Regal vs. Barrett and Show for the main event.

* Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz with the Intercontinental Title on the line. After the match, Miz tried to shake Kofi’s hand but Kofi kicked him out of the ring.

* Darren Young and Titus O’Neil defeated Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. After the match, Matt Striker came in for an interview but PTP grabbed the mic and cut a promo and interviewed themselves.

* Big Show and Wade Barrett beat William Regal and Sheamus in a lengthy match. Show hit the KO punch on Regal for the win.

* Brief backstage segment with Alberto Del Rio. Rosa Mendes wishes him luck in the main event.

* Randy Orton defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

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  • Jeff

    Finally William Regal back in the ring,He is the greatest person who has never hold the World Title.He deserves a shot at it..

  • me

    Holy shit. Is WWE actually turning miz face?!?!?

  • rob

    “LIVE WWE SMACKDOWN SPOILERS FOR TONIGHT” Live spoilers? Marc Middleton strikes again……

  • JP

    would’ve wanted regal to go heel against sheamus and side with barrett as they are english and sheamus is irish.

  • Alpha_Omega

    Wait, isn’t Smackdown meant to be live? Am I missing something?

  • Tyler

    This is pure speculation of course (and something I would love to see happen) but what if The Miz turns face, joins Team Foley and then at Survivor Series Orton turns heel costing his team the match. Now THAT would be AWESOME!

  • tyler please, go get a job on WWE creative

  • Bane

    Kind of like when Kurt Angle did it against Team WCW back in the invasion angle. Like the idea, hope WWE doesn’t fuck this up, but they probably will since the creative team sucks. Hope Lesnar runs in on the main event 2 “help” Punk retain his title. Lesnar and Punk at TLC vs Ryback and Cena in a TLC match with Foley as the special enforcer.

  • JP

    what tyler said above is exactly what’s going to happen, unless wwe creative change their mind because fans are more clever than they are. at least miz’s face turn is a dead lock

  • I feel miz has to join team foley with the whole team not trusting him, he could get the win for the team surprising everyone.

  • Dave

    Hate Sheamus & Big show none of them can wrestle, Wade Barrett should already have the WHC & Regal should of won it years ago.

  • Richie

    I would think they are gonna turn the Miz face to get ready for the release of The Marine 3!

    I’d like to see Miz over the next week or so to continue to show these acts of a face turn, only to be shunned, then ask Foley for a chance to prove he has turned over a new leaf and join Team Foley…then go on to win the match and be the sole survivor…that would be AWESOME!!

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m sure most of you guys are just doing what I like to call ‘fantasy booking’ at the moment, but I wouldn’t be shocked at all if one or all of these predictions came true.

    I am a bit worried, though. It was right around the release of The (Original) Marine when John Cena went from the tolerable Doctor of Thuganomics to… well, John Cena.

  • xjx

    sheamus can’t wrestle but wade barret can!????
    r u serious bro?

    sheamus can have a great match with almost anybody
    wade barret is slow & borin in da ring

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    While I do wish that WWE would stop attempting to feature him at the expense of younger guys, I think Big Show’s had a great career. He’s a Grand Slam Champion, first of all, which speaks not only to his longevity (because a couple of the titles on the Grand Slam aren’t even active anymore), and the fact that his status with the company has never been in question. His skills in the ring have eroded just like you’d expect from a guy that’s well into his forties. But he’s versatile in what he can do for the company and that’s why he’s stuck around this long. He can be the monster heel or the babyface teddy bear. He can handle being booked as dominant as well as putting over younger guys. And, yes, he CAN wrestle. If he couldn’t and was constantly botching, half the guys to get in the ring with him would be dead.

  • Joseph

    I thought Wade turned face after Raw went of the air? I guess not. Ilike the idea of a Miz face turn, but are they also turning Kofi heel? That was a heelish move.

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