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Magnus Says He’s Dating Mickie James, How Old Is Velvet Sky?

— During an interview with Power Slam, Magnus was asked if he is dating Mickie James; he replied “yes.” He was then asked if dating a fellow wrestler is challenging.

“I always said I would never do it because of the obvious difficulties which can arise. But it’s worked out pretty well.” Magnus said. “You can’t help the way you feel: it’s one of those things. We’ve been able coexist up until this point.”

Magnus and James currently reside in Virginia.

— Velvet Sky turns 31 years old Saturday. She thanked her fans via Twitter for their birthday wishes and gifts.

“Thank you sooo much to my #PigeonArmy for all the happy bday wishes and thank you guys for all the gifts! I truly have the best fans ever!!” Sky wrote.

— Dark Angel (a/k/a Sarita) competed at Friday’s EMLL live event at Arena Mexico as she, Estrellita and Marcela beat Amapola, La Seductora and Tiffany in a tag team match.

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  • David

    @ magnus lucky bastard @ velvet happy b-day wish I was the ropes 4 one day

  • Chelsii

    PigeonArmy? Wtf. Are they all flying rats who shit everywhere?

  • Chelsii

    @david I wish I was your toilet paper for a day.

  • Chelsii

    Are you still going troll?

  • Mindy

    Pigeon Army is a really stupid name.

  • David

    @ Chelsii not enough T.P. 2 cover it i take poops much bigger then big show lol then again i as m about as tall as he id

  • Ron Groves

    Well, I wonder if Mickie says she’s dating Magnus? In my humble opinion Mickie is about the most beautiful woman God ever put on this planet, not to mention the best wrestler I’ve ever seen. I know lots of people don’t agree, but I really don’t care.

  • John

    Does this so called magnus deserve a super angel like micky James? Hummm damn lucky!

  • JWO

    Wait…if she is calling her fans “pigeon army” does that mean I’m a flying rat that sh*ts all over the place? O.O

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