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Major ROH Presence on New WWE DVD, Backstage Talk on Mysterio vs. Cara

– has provided details on Ring of Honor footage from WWE’s new DVD on CM Punk. The documentary portion features a 10 minute chapter dedicated to Punk’s time at ROH. The DVD shows Punk visiting the ROH wrestling academy and giving his thoughts on his time there. The chapter contains flashbacks with ROH footage and some still photos. They talk about Punk’s mic work in ROH, his feud with Raven, his matches against Samoa Joe, signing his WWE contract in a ROH ring and his farewell match against Colt Cabana.

– More news on the bad Sin Cara vs. The Miz match from last week’s SmackDown, the one where Cara went backstage disappointed and disappeared for a little while after it was over. A lot of the blame was put on Cara. After the match, there was more of a push to do Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara at WrestleMania with the feeling that Rey will be able to carry Cara to a good match in front of a live crowd on the biggest show of the year.

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  • Joseph

    Of course the blame was put on Cara. Why wouldn’t it be? It is not Miz that has been messing up since his debut. The match at Wrestlemania will be interesting, just to see how bad it is. A botch artist against an accident prone drug addict.

  • Muscleman

    Rey to “carry” Cara? Really? Does that mean that WWE officials actually think that Cara can’t effectively wrestle (or even out-wrestle) a lightweight Lucha Libre like Mysterio? They must be mistaken because I have watched Cara’s work in CMLL and I think he was great during his tenure there. He is at least as good as Mysterio, if not better. Cara’s botches in his WWE matches are down to the rigid, immobile and unflexible opponents he squares off against – like Miz.

  • William

    Joseph and Muscleman are both right. As Mistico I have seen Sin Cara put on amaaaazzzinng matches with talented performers all over the world. So how is it that he goes to the WWE and suddenly it’s because Sin Cara can’t perform? So I guess working all the guys in CMLL and the top stars of the UK and New Japan and all of those guys NOT in the WWE were able to carry Sin Cara? I call bullshit. The “performers” in the WWE for the most part aren’t real wrestlers, so they don’t study Sin Cara’s moveset or try to work with him to create a cohesive match in the same way that say Averno in CMLL or Tiger Mask in New Japan would. So don’t blame Sin Cara, blame the WWE for placing him in matches with opponents so inferior to his skills. The same criticisms were leveled at Rey when he first came to the US and worked against guys who weren’t familiar with lucha libre style. Thank god Rey had Jericho, Malenko, Guerrero, and the Luchadores to work with, otherwise the IWC would have called him Botch Mysterio.

  • Real Kosher

    a 10 minute chapter is a major presence? nevermind…its marc middleton posting again…

  • Chelsii

    I would get on my knees for Cara

  • Manny

    Sin Cara cannot wrestle WWE style right now Rey despite his injuries has adapted well and will be a good mentor for Cara. A little time in development would have best for him as well. Triple H should have done this before giving him a main roster spot.

  • Cee Jaih

    Get on your knees for me

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