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Major WWE Heat on Edge – WWE Insults Him, Beth Leaving, His HOH Work, More

– There is a lot of heat on Edge within WWE right now. WWE pretty much made another Legends deal offer to him when he worked the recent SmackDown tapings but he was not interested. Edge does not want to be locked into a WWE deal and wants to be able to do his own things. When WWE originally saw that Edge’s contract was ending, they offered him a Legends deal similar to what Shawn Michaels has but word is the money offered was a bit of an insult.

There is also some heat on Edge because of Beth Phoenix leaving. There’s a belief that she’s leaving in part to help him recover from neck surgery in November. Also, there are some people high up in the company that aren’t happy about his upcoming appearance for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion.

Edge and WWE will most likely work together in the future but there is definitely the feeling within WWE that he’s sort of gone against them.

Source: PWInsider

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  • Coolquip

    WWE’s pissed at him? He gave his body for your damn company and you still want more?

  • Joseph

    Wow, they really want to own their guys forever don’t they? And they are pissed about Beth leaving? Who cares since they have not used her right in years anyway?

  • havok

    so the guy gives everything he has to this company and ends up having to retire because of it, at the age of 37 and still thats not good enough….and now theyre mad cause his girlfriend wants to take care of him after his surgery…well how dare her…seriously…i hope this just a rumor…because its quite pathetic

  • Real Kosher

    this story is bullshit, don’t believe everything the dirt sheets post…

  • Guy

    A selfish thing on WWE’s part…not surprised

  • Adam

    WWE haven’t changed, they’ve been exactly the same towards staff for decades.

  • Striker9

    WTF?!!! He no longer works for the company and they STILL want to own him after he broke his neck for them? That’s some Bullshit!

    They are upset because his girlfriend wants to leave to help him recover after surgery ontop of all that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good for you Beth and what you feel is right.

  • Mick

    This website really tests one’s ability to pick out a comment that’s actually correct, because most is just pissy bullshit. I believe I found a correct comment from Real Kosher. I don’t believe this piece of news, it’s all speculation anyways and people will forget about it in short time, when there’s no followup news.

  • Brody Lawrence

    WOW, WWE really are a bunch of petty bastards aren’t they? Why don’t they ask Andre the Giant’s daughter to exhume his body and put it on display at the next Wrestlemania Fan Axxess too? Fuckers.

  • Cee Jaih

    This is fake, Marc posted this

  • Carson

    when i am alone i like to eat potato chips.

  • Only Smoke & Mirrors 2 Meeee !

    Tommy and Edge are good friends in real life so why not Edge go promote his buddy’s up and coming endeavor?
    ok what else
    Beth Phoenix is leaving so to nurse her man’s post surgical sessions?
    Beth Phoenix is leaving because she’s realizing the same thing a whole lot of us have whether we wanted to or not although it can be done the WWE doesn’t Give 2 SHITS about making there DIVAS division interesting anymore because if they did they’d give them more titles, more matches, more time and most importantly Meaningful Fucking Story lines!
    so with that being said i don’t blame Beth for picking up her ball and leaving becuz honestly what the hell else is left for her to accomplish in this floundering divison?!

    and even if she is leaving so she can take care of Edge how the HELL is that his fault?i highly doubt Edge is holding Beth At Gunpoint and sayin “Take care of me or die!” smh if anyone needs to be mad its the Wwe Because they’re the one’s responsible for Edge’s surgery and for every risk he decided to take to put money in this company! We’re getting Possessive aren’t we WWE place is starting to sound like “WESAYSO” from DINOSAURS with Vince as BP Richfield!
    Get The Fuck Over Yourselves and for a company that so APPALLS Bullying you sure as hell do alot of it
    hence havin everybody look down upon another is a characteristic of BULLYING!

    I’m proud of you EDGE we know you come back from time to time for us and we respect you for it but you have your own life to enjoy, go live it up you’ve nothing to prove to nobody especially WWE!

    Hey Vince and Wwe Brass

    You Mad Bros?!

  • Mayback

    It was said there was heat with Edge but he came back for the Cena Lesnar contract signing,Same thing was said again and he came back for Smackdown not too long ago.Dont believe everything you read

  • Richie

    So this guy gives the WWE everything…goes beyond the call of duty to make sure the fans got what they paid for night after night, to the point that the wear and tear of a major injury forced his early retirement…he pretty much gave the WWE his fucking life! But of course…Vince wants MORE!

    I think its funny Adam has turned down their offer…Vince needs to be reminded that he doesn’t always get what he wants! Thats just not how shit works! And NOW they are upset that Beth is leaving since they have hardly used her as of late!

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