Major WWE Wellness Policy News, Report on Ryder Match Edit, Devon Fights Breast Cancer

- On the September 22nd episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam, they had to edit out Zack Ryder’s “Ruff Ryder” finisher that he used to defeat William Regal because of the rule about no moves to the head or neck area. There were unconfirmed reports online this week about CW Network heads being high on Ryder but down on the move.

– The Team 3D Academy announced today via press release that they teamed with Florida’s “Hope for a Single Mom” and raised $7,000 to help in the fight against breast cancer. Back on September 8th, Devon put on a family friendly wrestling show in Melbourne, Florida. All proceeds from that show went towards the “Hope for a Single Mom” charity.

PWInsider reports that staff member Ann Russo-Gordon left WWE this week. This is significant news because she was in charge of the entire Wellness Policy on WWE’s side. No word yet on why she left but the belief is that she quit. Russo-Gordon handles everything to do with the Wellness Policy including working with former talents who were going into WWE sponsored rehab.

  • Real Kosher

    good, the fact that she kept allowing sunny to go in and out of rehab is reason enough for her to be gone.

  • Coolquip

    Hey the rumors of Jeff Hardy coming back are true!

  • jayman

    ryder can use the zack attack wwwyki

  • Joseph

    That Saturday morning show sounds awful. She probably quit because some people are not being tested like the rest and the bias got to her.

  • matthew

    @ Joseph cough cough ryback cena

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